Women Empowerment

Role of Hyderabad Metro in Women Empowerment-Social Transformation

Women empowerment is a social and economic issue that Indian society is facing, and Hyderabadi women are also inclined towards such attitudes, both in the urban areas as well as rural areas. The rural and urban divide is narrowing now and more women from the rural areas are seeking employment in the city. Variables in women empowerment do exist in the form of education, social status, class as well as age.

Women empowerment exist at both national and state level, percolating down to the local Panchayat level as well. Women have much to contribute socially and economically.

How does Hyderabad Metro Impact Women Empowerment

HMR, no doubt, will provide easy and convenient accessibility to educational institutions for women. Many of these women normally hesitate to move out of their homes on account of social restrictions or lack of proper transport facilities. HMR would certainly promote better educational and work opportunities for women of lower economic strata society. Social transformation is the need of the hour, and HMR will certainly bring about necessary changes that would improve the living conditions of women and girls.