05-08-2021 Public WiFi Hotspots in Hyderabad Eenadu
05-08-2021 HMR open To Wi-Fi on Metro Deccan Chronicle
04-05-2020 Hurdles Cleared for Metro Amenities Eenadu
04-05-2020 Solution for High Voltage Issues Namasthe Telangana
04-05-2020 Pending Works to Be Cleared at Rayadurgam Metro Station Andhra Jyothi
04-05-2020 All set for entry/exit for Raidurg metro station The Hindu
04-05-2020 Cables near Raidur Metro station to be shifted The Indian Express
04-05-2020 Pending Works to Be Cleared at Rayadurgam Metro Station Andhra Jyothi
26-02-2020 Metro's Second Phase Expansion Soon Namasthe Telangana
26-02-2020 Metro Has Earned 480 Crores Eenadu
26-02-2020 Metro Rollout in Three New Routes Sakshi
26-02-2020 62 Kilometers in Phase 2 Velugu
26-02-2020 3 New Routes in Metro's Second Phase Mana Telangana
26-02-2020 62 km in Second Phase Nava Telangana
26-02-2020 Metro Rail to airport to take shape soon India Express
26-02-2020 Govt trying to find solution to start Metro work in Old City The Times of India
19-02-2020 Ask your MD (Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited)? The Times of India
24-01-2020 Swami Vivekananda is inspiration to youth Andhra Prabha
24-01-2020 Swami Vivekananda is inspiration to youth Andhra Jyothi
22-01-2020 Car and Bike Pool Services Through Metro Andhra Prabha
22-01-2020 Please Drop Us Till Metro Eenadu
22-01-2020 R Pool has Arrived, It Will Save Time commuters Namaste Telangana
22-01-2020 Car and bike pool services commence Sakshi
22-01-2020 Metro's Tie-up with Red Bus Velugu
22-01-2020 Metro Rail Starts Carpool Service Deccan chronicle
22-01-2020 Carpooling service for Hyderabad metro commuters Telangana Today
22-01-2020 RedBus unveils carpool service for Metro users The Hans India
22-01-2020 New ride-sharing option for Hyderabad metro rail users The Hindu
22-01-2020 Hyderabad Metro Rail, redBus tie up for carpool services in city The New Indian Express
22-01-2020 HMRL rides the green wave, launches carpool services for Metro commuters The Times of India
21-01-2020 Better facilities to Metro commuters Eenadu
21-01-2020 Pleasant Bohiguda Road Namsthe Telagana
21-01-2020 Cleanliness of neighbourhood is the responsibility of the citizens Sakshi
21-01-2020 Greenline will be commenced soon Velugu
21-01-2020 Satisfying' end to a tricky task The Hindu
04-12-2019 Joy Ride on Disabled Friendly Metro Velugu
20-09-2019 Metro Fares are cheaper than TSRTC AC Buses : KTR Sakshi
20-09-2019 Metro cheaper than RTC AC buses: KTR The Pioneer
21-08-2019 No additional land alloted to Metro peoject, says KTR Times of India
21-08-2019 Metro to run trains every 4 minutes Eenadu
21-08-2019 Metro reversal near Hitec City Namsthe Telangana
21-08-2019 Metro to increase frequency Deccan Chronicle
21-08-2019 Metro on Ameerpet - Hitec City route every 4 minutes Telangana Today
05-08-2019 Metro on tricky track, runs into losses times of India
06-08-2019 Supervisors to monitor road repairs Andhra Jyothy
06-08-2019 Road repairs will be taken up once rain resides Namsthe Telangana
06-08-2019 Metro Chief gives Rs 5 cr to Fix potholes Deccan Chronicle
07-08-2019 Metro Rail crown jewel of Hyderabad: Gov Narasimhan Eenadu
07-08-2019 Governor Metro journey Velugu
07-08-2019 Guv Narasimhan may be headed to J&K Deccan Chronicle
07-08-2019 Governor lauds Metro Services Telangana Today
07-08-2019 Metro city's crown jewel: Governor The Hindu
17-08-2019 Tasty food in Metro Stations. Namsthe Telangana
17-08-2019 Airport Metro line to cost Rs 5,000 Cr Namsthe Telangana
17-08-2019 Snacks Mela in Metro stations Sakshi
17-08-2019 Snacks festival in Metro Stations from 30th of August Velugu
17-08-2019 Trains to Hi-Tec City will move faster in the next four to five days The Hindu
17-08-2019 Airport Metro line to cost Rs 5,000 Cr The Indian Express
17-08-2019 4 Metro stations to host food festival on Aug. 30 Deccan Chronicle
15-06-2019 Taruni Fair to conclude tomorrow The Hindu
14-06-2019 Metro rail to Hitec City Andhra Jyothy
14-06-2019 Metro upto Raidurg Eenadu
14-06-2019 Extra train Deccan Chronicle
14-06-2019 HMR goes all out to cater to extra rush The Hindu
09-06-2019 2.78 Lakh Passengers travel by Metro in a day Eenadu
09-06-2019 Record Level commuters in Metro Namasthe Telangana
09-06-2019 Metro creates record in footfall Deccan Chronicle
09-06-2019 Metro passenger count touches 2.8 lakh The Hindu
05-06-2019 6.8 cr Metro travellers Andhra Jyothy
05-06-2019 Enviroment friendly Metro Sakshi
05-06-2019 Metro Run Sakshi
05-06-2019 Clean air Deccan Chronicle
05-06-2019 HMR leads in green initiatives Telangana Today
03-06-2019 How long this AD boards problem Eenadu
03-06-2019 Metro services delayed after flexi falls on overhead cables The Hans India
03-06-2019 Metro services hit for 20 minutes The Hindu
23-05-2019 Green Facilities at Metro Bhavan Eenadu
23-05-2019 Easy Connectivity Telangana Today
21-05-2019 EV charging & Smart parking at Begumpet Metro station Namasthe Telangana
21-05-2019 Smart parking start Sakshi
21-05-2019 Metro extension to Raidurg by July-end Telangana Today
21-05-2019 Metro 'Blue Line' likely by July The Hindu
20-05-2019 Metro Pillar no 2599 Eenadu
20-05-2019 Pillar number 2599 Sakshi
20-05-2019 Growth Pillars Andhra Jyothy
20-05-2019 Metro Rail's 2,599th pier constructred Telangana Today
20-05-2019 Metro rail's last pier built after seven years of work The Hindu
19-05-2019 Jubilee Hills Checkpost Station open The Times of India
18-05-2019 Jubilee hills Metro station opens today Eenadu
18-05-2019 Jubilee hills Check Post will be avaliable from today Namasthe Telangana
18-05-2019 Jubilee Hills Check Post metro station opening today The Hindu
17-05-2019 Urban Forest Parks will be avaliable by november Namasthe Telangana
04-05-2019 Metro is looking for alternatives to provide last mile connectivity Namasthe Telangana
03-05-2019 Last-mile connectivity getting better by the day The Hindu
03-05-2019 Metro free shuttles take off Deccan Chronicle
03-05-2019 Last mile connectivity vechiles are ready Sakshi
03-05-2019 Security in Buses Namsthe Telangana
02-05-2019 Beautiful Taruni Namsthe Telangana
01-05-2019 Yoga classes in Metro station Sakshi
21-04-2019 Women driven fair Velugu
21-04-2019 Taruni Exhibition starts at Madhuranagari Sakshi
21-04-2019 Taruni Best Namasthe Telangana
21-04-2019 Taruni Fair' begins at all - women metro station in city India Express
21-04-2019 A fair for fairer sex The Hindu
20-04-2019 Metro in full swing Andhra Jyothy
20-04-2019 Taruni fair to start from today Sakshi
19-04-2019 Taruni fair from tommorrow Andhra Jyothy
19-04-2019 Travel to shamshabad Airport to take 20 min Andhra Jyothy
19-04-2019 Taruni fair from tommorrow Velugu
19-04-2019 Telangana is a Model state of the country Velugu
19-04-2019 Taruni fair aims at women empowerment from tommorrow Andhra Prabha
19-04-2019 Traffic issues can be resolved with Public transport Eenadu
19-04-2019 Taruni Tarang Eenadu
19-04-2019 Free bus services from Metro stations Eenadu
19-04-2019 Taruni Madhuranagar Metro station to be run by women employees Mana Telangana
19-04-2019 Public transport must be strengthened Deccan Chronicle
19-04-2019 HMR's Taruni Fair to be a fun-filled affair Telanganan Today
19-04-2019 Shuttles make Metro top pick Telanganan Today
19-04-2019 Madhuranagar Metro to hold unique fair The Hans India
19-04-2019 Strengthen public transport, says HMR MD The Hindu
19-04-2019 HMRL MD all praise for city The Times of India
16-04-2019 Metro an opportunity for greener city Telangana Today
14-04-2019 Women bare angst on social media as men occupy their seats on Metro Times of India
13-04-2019 Madhapur Metro station to open today The Hindu
13-04-2019 Metro will halt at Madhapur station from today Deccan Chronicle
07-04-2019 Women Metro station Surya
07-04-2019 This metro station is Taruni The Hindu
06-04-2019 60 days of exhibition at Taruni Metro station Namasthe Telangana
06-04-2019 Metro goes extra mile for women Deccan Chronicle
05-04-2019 Electric car stop at metro station Eenadu
05-04-2019 Electric charging points at all metro stations Namasthe Telangana
05-04-2019 More e-vehicle charging points to come up in city The Hindu
05-04-2019 Finnish firm to set up more EV charging points in city The Pioneer
21-03-2019 Daily 3lakh people travelling by Metro Eenadu
21-03-2019 Travel to Hitec City through Metro Rail has come true Eenadu
21-03-2019 Metro Rail introduced to Hitec City Eenadu
21-03-2019 Metro Rail runs to Hitec City Namasthe Telangana
21-03-2019 Metro Rail introduced in the city stage wise Sakshi
21-03-2019 Hitec City Metro started Velugu
21-03-2019 Metro logs into IT corridor Telangana Today
21-03-2019 Metro rail pulls into Hitec City The Hindu
21-03-2019 Daily commuters have plenty of reasons to cheer The Hindu
21-03-2019 At long last, Metro chugs into Hitec City The Times of India
21-03-2019 HMR services: leaving no room for complaints The Hindu
02-03-2019 Hiteccity corridor works are going at brisk pace Andhra Jyothy
02-03-2019 Ameerpet - Hiteccity corridor works will be completed in ten days Eenadu
02-03-2019 Tanruni' Numaish to be built in 2 acres land at Madhuranagar Metro station Sakshi
02-03-2019 Single - deck metro station at Jubilee Hills Check Post The Hindu
02-03-2019 Hi-Tech City metro route likely by March - end The Pioneer
25-02-2019 Mr. NVS Reddy, MD, HMRL conferred with best CEO Award Sakshi
25-02-2019 HMRL chief win 'Best CEO' Award The Pioneer
25-02-2019 HMRL MD bags Best CEO Award The Hindu
25-02-2019 Award for HMRL chief Telangana Today
21-02-2019 Metro pillar at JBS is appearing like an Arch attracting passersby Eenadu
07-02-2019 Metro to chug into HiTec City The Hindu
02-02-2019 Romancing the city in Metro Indian Express
15-01-2019 While Paradegrounds Metro Station in Corridor -II is being built in five floors,Jubliee Hills check post Metro station is accommodated in only single floor. Eenadu
14-01-2019 HMRL demolishes encroachments on Malakpet - LB Nagar corridor Indian Express
14-01-2019 HMRL gets tough with encroachers Telangana Today
14-01-2019 'Strict action against footpath encroachers'-(Telugu) Namsthe Telangana
13-01-2019 Metro is truly green with solar power Deccan Chronicle
13-01-2019 Metro records 2.41 lakh footfalls on Friday The Pioneer
13-01-2019 'Another Record for Metro'-(Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
13-01-2019 'Metro Record'-(Telugu) Prajapaksham
12-01-2019 'Metro Parlour'-(Telugu) Velugu
08-01-2019 Sainik Bhavan inspected The Hindu
08-01-2019 Joint Inspection of Golden Palm Deccan Chronicle
08-01-2019 'Officials visited sainik bhavan'-(Telugu) Eenadu
03-01-2019 City to get All - Women Metro station Deccan Chronicle
03-01-2019 Suggest innovative ideas: HMRL MD to engineers The Hans India
03-01-2019 More facilities for metro travellers this year, says HMR MD The Hindu
03-01-2019 'Metro Employees to think anew' - ('Telugu') Andhra Jyothy
03-01-2019 'New goals In the New Year' - ('Telugu') Eenadu
02-01-2019 Heavy rush in metro on Dec.31 Deccan Chronicle
02-01-2019 Metro travel hits peak on New Year eve The Hindu
02-01-2019 'Hon'ble Governor Greeted by MD, HMRL Mr NVS Reddy on the new year's eve' - ('Telugu') Eenadu
02-01-2019 ' 2.25 lakh people travelled through Metro in a Day' - ('Telugu') Sakshi
31-12-2018 Ameerpet - Hi-Tec City Metro stretch to open by Jan - end The Times of India
31-12-2018 Transforming travel and city streetscape The Hindu
31-12-2018 'Metro Journey 2018' - ('Telugu') Eenadu
31-12-2018 'Metro Achievements' - ('Telugu') Namsthe Telangana
31-12-2018 'Metro is the best' - ('Telugu') Velugu
30-12-2018 Metro makes travel safe and comfortable Telangana Today
21-12-2018 'Vehicles pickup speed in Metro routes' - ('Telugu') Namsthe Telangana
20-12-2018 Madhura Nagar to be 'women only' station The Pioneer
20-12-2018 'Electric charging points at Metro stations' - ('Telugu') Andhra Jyothy
20-12-2018 'Metro pleasure - New look to the city' - ('Telugu') Eenadu
20-12-2018 'Common mobility card in a week's time' - ('Telugu') Namsthe Telangana
19-12-2018 Pilot project for common mobility card soon The Hindu
19-12-2018 Common Mobility Card for Metro,RTC,MMTS,Autos The Pioneer
19-12-2018 'It is a pleasure galore' - ('Telugu') Andhra Prabha
19-12-2018 'Good news for commuters' - ('Telugu') Mana Telangana
19-12-2018 'Common Ticket for RTC-Metro-MMTS' - ('Telugu') Sakshi
19-12-2018 'Common Mobility card to be introduced in January' - ('Hindi') Hindi Milap
17-12-2018 15 - day Handloom Mela underway The Hans India
17-12-2018 'Maduranagari station named as Tharuni Metro station' - ('Telugu') Andhra Jyothy
17-12-2018 'Education system to be reviewed again : Md, NVS Reddy' - ('Telugu') Namsthe Telangana
17-12-2018 'Children to be thought new skills' - ('Telugu') Velugu
16-12-2018 Make Handloom a Fashion, says N.V.S. Reddy Deccan Chronicle
16-12-2018 'Encourage the Handloom Industry: MD Metro' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
16-12-2018 'Handloom fair at Metro Station' - (Telugu) Eenadu
16-12-2018 ' Encourage the Handloom workers' - (Telugu) Sakshi
13-12-2018 'Mega Cities are bigger than some countries' - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
13-12-2018 'Security is paramount in Metro Cities: MD NVS Reddy' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
13-12-2018 'MD, HMRL Mr.NVS Reddy congratulated Hon'ble CM Mr.K Chandrashekar Rao after he won landslide victory in the Assembly elections' - (Telugu) Eenadu
13-12-2018 'Mega City will become bigger than many countries' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
13-12-2018 'MD, HMRL Mr.NVS Reddy congratulated Hon'ble CM Mr.K Chandrashekar Rao on Wednesday in Pragathi Bhavan' - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
13-12-2018 'Technology is essential for Disaster mitigation' - (Telugu) Namsthe Telangana
30-11-2018 'Hitec City Trail run begins'-(Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
30-11-2018 'Metro Hitec run begins'-(Telugu) Eenadu
30-11-2018 'Metro trial run to Hitec City '-(Telugu) Namsthe Telangana
30-11-2018 'Trial run to Hite City'-(Telugu) Namsthe Telangana
30-11-2018 Ameerpet to Hi-Tec City Metro rail trails runs on The Hans India
30-11-2018 Metro Rail takes a trail run to HiTec City The Hindu
30-11-2018 Metro celebrates first anniversary with trail run The Pioneer
28-11-2018 'Fantastic start - same Patronage'-(Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
28-11-2018 'Little Liking - Little Burden'-(Telugu) Eenadu
27-11-2018 Ameerpet - Hitec City traction system inspected Telangana Today
27-11-2018 "It is time for Hitec city metro"-(Telugu) Eenadu
24-11-2018 TOI Survey : Metro scores high,but last mile a hurdle Time of India
24-11-2018 'One year for Dream Metro'-(Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
23-11-2018 Destination Ameerpet metro station The Hindu
22-11-2018 HMR creates Art Spot at Miyapur station The Hindu
21-11-2018 Aesthetic Wall Art Deccan Chronicle
21-11-2018 Metro lets school kids paint station The Pioneer
21-11-2018 'Art spot at Miyapur Metro station premises'-(Telugu) Namsthe Telangana
21-11-2018 'Art Spot at Miyapur Metro Station'-(Telugu) Andhra Prabha
21-11-2018 'Miyapur Metro Art Spot is encouraging artists'-(Hindi) Hindi Milap
19-11-2018 Metro stretch with a touch of heritage The Hindu
19-11-2018 Metro sidewalks to have ramps for senior citizens The Times of India
19-11-2018 'Footpath encroachments removed in Metro Route'-(Telugu) Namsthe Telangana
19-11-2018 'Basic Amenities provided in Metro Corridor -I' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
19-11-2018 'Footpath for pedestrians from Police Control Room to MGBS'-(Hindi) Hindi Milap
17-11-2018 Hyderabad Metro Rail Project adjudged as " Best Urban Mass Transit Project" The Times of India
16-11-2018 Metro Rail chugs along to 30 million ridership The Hans India
16-11-2018 Nearly 3 crore passengers have traveled in metro so far The Hindu
16-11-2018 'In 351 days 3cr people traveled in Metro Rail '-(Telugu) Eenadu
16-11-2018 'Metro Rail Passengers touched 3cr'-(Telugu) Namasthe Telanagna
15-11-2018 'Skywalks made avaliable to passengers from Metro to Malls'-(Telugu) Namasthe Telanagna
15-11-2018 'Foreign concept implemented in India'-(Telugu) Eenadu
15-11-2018 'Skyway opened in Panjagutta'-(Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
15-11-2018 Roads may prove redundant for metro users soon The Hindu
15-11-2018 From metro to mall in 'sky' Telangana Today
06-11-2018 Mana Metro now a lead model for other projects The Times of India
06-11-2018 Monthly concessional passes for metro travel The Hindu
06-11-2018 Another feather in HMRL cap The Hans India
06-11-2018 'Hitec City route is ready for Metro Travel'-(Telugu) Sakshi
06-11-2018 'Metro upto Airport'-(Telugu) Eenadu
06-11-2018 'Common Passes to be issued soon'-(Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
06-11-2018 By end of this year Metro rail to Hitec City will be Extended Hindi Milap
04-11-2018 Metro Track Deccan Chronicle
03-11-2018 Smart Parking to begin at Habsiguda Metro in a week The Times of India
02-11-2018 Metro stations get Green Platinum Award The Hindu
02-11-2018 Three Stations of Metro Rail received Green Platinum Award Hindi Milap
02-11-2018 'Green Awards galore to our Metro (HMRL)'-(Telugu) Sakshi
02-11-2018 'One more presetigous Award to our Metro (HMRL)'-(Telugu) Namsthe Telanagna
02-11-2018 'Green MRTS Platinum Award to our Metro (HMRL)'- (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
01-11-2018 Metro Rail will do everything possible to return lost belongings Deccan Chronicle
01-11-2018 Upping the charm quotient The Hindu
31-10-2018 'Metro Rail MD NVS Reddy releasing book on "Essays in Human Secuity"' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
31-10-2018 'Metro Rail MD NVS Reddy releasing book on "Essays in Human Secuity"' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
30-10-2018 'Metro may go the extra mile soon'- (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
29-10-2018 ‘World class Travel’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
18-10-2018 ‘HMRL MD composes a song on 'Metro Bathukamma’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
18-10-2018 'Metro Bathukamma' – (Telugu) Eenadu
18-10-2018 ‘Metro Bathukamma penned by HMRL MD’ – (Telugu) Andhra jyothi
17-10-2018 Shorter waiting time to hop into Metro as footfalls peak The Times of India
17-10-2018 Festive fervour Deccan chronicle
17-10-2018 ‘Bathukamma Celebrations at Metro Rail Bhavan’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
17-10-2018 ‘HMRL MD and Officials playing Bathukamma at Metro Rail Bhavan’ – (Telugu) Andhra jyothi
16-10-2018 ‘Let's explore tourist destinations with Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
15-10-2018 Mass transit gets a green boost Financial Express
15-10-2018 'Easy Commute...Improved Lifestyle' – (Telugu) Eenadu
14-10-2018 Road widening in HiTec City to ease traffic congestion The Hindu
14-10-2018 IT gridlock: Twitter buzz forces KTR hand to declog tech hub The Times of India
14-10-2018 'Cutting-edge tech used for metro project' The Hindu
14-10-2018 'Metro works progress without inconvenience to public' – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
13-10-2018 'Metro has adopted latest technology' – (Telugu) Sakshi
13-10-2018 'Need to focus on better innovations' – (Telugu) Andhra jyothi
12-10-2018 Going hi-tech Deccan chronicle
12-10-2018 Women safety is key objective for metro Deccan chronicle
08-10-2018 'Metro works gain pace' – (Telugu) Andhra jyothi
07-10-2018 HMR footpaths serve as proxy for louge spaces The Hindu
07-10-2018 Taking Hyderabadis to work better THE FINANCIAL EXPRESS
07-10-2018 'Metro works gain pace' – (Telugu) Andhra jyothi
06-10-2018 Contribute to nation's development,engineering students told The Hans India
06-10-2018 'Social sciences help engineers take project to masses' The Hindu
06-10-2018 ‘Stimulate Intellect to Create New Innovations’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
06-10-2018 ‘Become Stakeholders in Country's Development’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
06-10-2018 ‘Deliver Better Services to the Nation’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
03-10-2018 ‘Interim Way’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
02-10-2018 More metro trains to meet passenger rush The Hindu
01-10-2018 'Metro works at high speed' – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
01-10-2018 'Metro 'Houseful'' – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
01-10-2018 Flyover widening at Cyber Towers Deccan chronicle
01-10-2018 Metro lays track to health, fitness fronts Deccan chronicle
01-10-2018 'Metro works at brisk pace' – (Telugu) Eenadu
01-10-2018 'Metro works at jet speed' – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
01-10-2018 'Brisk pace of hi tech city metro' – (Telugu) Sakshi
01-10-2018 Location of four Metro pillars shifted Telangana Today
01-10-2018 Brace for traffic snarl in Hitec City The Hindu
29-09-2018 ‘Special buses from Metro stations to Ramoji Film City’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
29-09-2018 ‘Tourist services from Metro Stations’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
29-09-2018 Special buses from Metro stations to Ramoji Film City Telangana Today
29-09-2018 'Special bus from Nagole and LB Nagar Metro Stations to Ramoji Film city’ – (Hindi) Hindi-Milap
28-09-2018 ‘Increase in Metro Rail commuters’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
28-09-2018 ‘Green signal to power supply system’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
28-09-2018 1.16L Passengers for corridor I The Times of India
28-09-2018 Four More Metro Stations on HiTech City Route Electrified The Hindu
27-09-2018 ‘Dedicated effort by team Metro’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
27-09-2018 ‘1,14,000 commuters travelled on first day’ – (Telugu) Enadu
27-09-2018 ‘Our dear Metro!’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
27-09-2018 LB Nagar Stretch top in Metro passengers Deccan Chronicle
27-09-2018 HMR Sets another record The Hindu
27-09-2018 ‘1.14 lakh commuters take Metro ride on new route on the first day’ – (Hindi) Hindi-Milap
26-09-2018 ‘First phase of Metro Rail in a year!’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
26-09-2018 'Greater Metro' – (Telugu)‘Metro Rail to IT corridor by December’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
26-09-2018 ‘46 kilometers…40 stations’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
26-09-2018 ‘Recognition for everyone’ – (Telugu) Manam
26-09-2018 ‘Metro Rail to add two more stretches by December’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
26-09-2018 ‘Metro connectivity to Airport’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telanganai
26-09-2018 L&T May Invest ₹2,500cr more in Hyderabad metro Business Line
26-09-2018 1st Phase of Metro to end by next year Deccan Chronicle
26-09-2018 HYD Metro Rail Phase-II DPR in Final Stage The Indian Express
26-09-2018 ‘First phase of Metro to be completed by 2019’– (Hindi) Hindi Milap
25-09-2018 'Greater Metro' – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
25-09-2018 ‘Hitex Corridor by December’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
25-09-2018 ‘Come..Take a Ride on the Metro’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
25-09-2018 ‘Directions Meet....Obstacles Get Cleared’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
25-09-2018 ‘Metro's Blazing Speed’ – (Telugu) Mana Telangana
25-09-2018 ‘Metro Pride for the Capital City’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
25-09-2018 ‘Smart Bikes in Metro Stations’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
25-09-2018 ‘Metro Ride is Pollution-Free’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
25-09-2018 ‘Ameerpet-LB Nagar Metro Starts’ – (Telugu) Surya
25-09-2018 ‘Ameerpet-LB Nagar Metro Starts, Great Enthusiasm Among Commuters’ – (Hindi) Swatantra Vaartha
25-09-2018 The Etemaad- Urdu The Etemaad
25-09-2018 Metro Spring to Life in Heritage Strech Deccan Chronicle
25-09-2018 HMR is now second largest metro network in India The Hindu
25-09-2018 Tryst with Metro history as longest corridor opens Times Of India
24-09-2018 MGBS station to be one of the biggest Metro stations in Asia Times of India
24-09-2018 Ameerpet-L.B.Nagar metro streetscape set for a facelift The Hindu
24-09-2018 Ameerpet-LB Nagar Metro Launch today Telangana Today
24-09-2018 ‘Marvellous Metro Station’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
24-09-2018 LB Nagar-Ameerpet Metro set to create track record Deccan Chronical
24-09-2018 ‘Great Transformation’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
24-09-2018 ‘Metro journey’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
22-09-2018 ₨ 2k cr elevated bus route to come up in 2 yrs: KTR Times of India
22-09-2018 Countdown begins for Metro line launch Telangana Today
22-09-2018 ‘Ride Ready’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
22-09-2018 ‘Art depicting future Hyderabad at Rasoolpura Metro station’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
22-09-2018 ‘LB Nagar - MGBS ticket fare Rs. 35’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
22-09-2018 ‘Highlights of Corridor I’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
21-09-2018 Work In Progress Telangana Today
21-09-2018 ‘Will traffic hassles reduce in the city..?’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
20-09-2018 ‘LB Nagar Metro to start from 24th’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
20-09-2018 ‘Countdown begins for Metro’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
20-09-2018 ‘Metro to start from 24th’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
20-09-2018 ‘Hyderabad Metro, second largest after Delhi Metro’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
20-09-2018 ‘Ameerpet-LB Nagar Metro to begin from 24th’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
20-09-2018 ‘Ameerpet-LB Nagar Metro to start from 24th’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
20-09-2018 Ameerpet-L.B.Nagar metro service from Monday The Hindu
20-09-2018 Ameerpet-LB Nagar metro rail to provide major relief to commuters The Indian express
20-09-2018 LB Nagar Metro stretch to open on September 24 Times Of India
20-09-2018 Skywalks to ease traffic in IT hub Times Of India
19-09-2018 'Everyday Life...Immersed in Work' -(Telugu) Eenadu
19-09-2018 'Will Arrive by Metro, Will Depart by Metro!'-(Telugu) Eenadu
15-09-2018 1.17L rode Metro on Sept 13 Deccan chronicle
15-09-2018 Metro Rail MD in Vietnam to deliver a lecture on best practices in infrastructure financing Deccan chronicle
13-09-2018 Metro rail needs more ridership to be profitable The Hindu
10-09-2018 'Is Car Parking This Easy?'-(Telugu) Eenadu
10-09-2018 Infrastructure award for HMR The Hindu
09-09-2018 Automated parking at Nampally Telangana Today
09-09-2018 Ameerpet-LB Nagar metro launch this month Telangana Today
09-09-2018 Swanky parking facility to make debut in city soon The Hans India
09-09-2018 One of Asia's biggest metro stations in the making The Hindu
09-09-2018 Slide car in and swipe it out The Hindu
09-09-2018 ‘Prestigious Award for Hyderabad Metro’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
09-09-2018 ‘Concrete Excellence Award for Hyderabad Metro’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
09-09-2018 ‘Multi Level Parking Complex at Nampally’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
09-09-2018 ‘Ground Breaking Ceremony for Multi Level Parking Complex at Nampally’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
09-09-2018 ‘Multi Level Parking Complex at Nampally’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
09-09-2018 Multi-level parking at Nampally Metro Deccan chronicle
09-09-2018 ‘Metro Multi-Level Parking Complex at a Cost of 60 Crore’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
09-09-2018 ‘Concrete Excellence Award -2018 for Hyderabad Metro’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
09-09-2018 Nampally Metro to get multi-level parking in 9 mnths The Times of India
08-09-2018 'Multi level Parking Complex at Nampally'-(Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
06-09-2018 How Friendly are public places in city for the visually-impaired? The New Indian Express
06-09-2018 A page from the diary of the visually-challenged in city The New Indian Express
06-09-2018 ‘Metro to start by month-end’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
05-09-2018 ‘My guru is my inspiration for my success’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
05-09-2018 ‘New routes proposed for Metro’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
05-09-2018 ‘Metro ridership touches 2 crore’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
03-09-2018 ‘Metro commuters cross one lakh mark’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
02-09-2018 Going Natural Deccan Chronical
01-09-2018 Class VII drop out weaves big dream, Makes his mom proud, Gifts ASU machine to weavers Times of India
01-09-2018 ‘Impressive HPS Metro Rail Model Exhibition ’ – (Telugu) Manam
31-08-2018 ‘Metro Rail to LB Nagar by September 15th’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
31-08-2018 ‘Felicitation for HMRL MD’ – (Telugu) Nava Telangana
31-08-2018 ‘A Special Metro’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
31-08-2018 ‘CMRS Clearance for Metro Rail to LB Nagar by September 15th’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
31-08-2018 ‘Law-abiding commuters’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
31-08-2018 Launch of Ameerpet-LB Nagar metro around Sept 15 Telangana Today
31-08-2018 Ameerpet-L.B. Nagar metro launch likely on September 15 The Hindu
30-08-2018 ‘Sultan Bazar traders association felicitated Metro Rail MD’ – (Telugu) Mana Telangana
30-08-2018 ‘Metro record’ – (Telugu) Nava Telangana
30-08-2018 The third meeting of the Task Force Committee constituted for improvement of transport facilities in Telangana state was conducted in TSRTC Bus Bhavan. Times of India
29-08-2018 ‘Metro passengers touch one lakh per day’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
29-08-2018 ‘Metro Rail MD felicitated in a grand manner ' – (Telugu) Surya
29-08-2018 ‘Sultan Bazar traders association felicitated Metro Rail MD’ – (Hindi) Swatantra Vaartha
29-08-2018 Metro patronage sees steady rise Telangana-Today
29-08-2018 Soon, a mobility card will let you travel in bus, auto, taxi and Metro Times Of India
29-08-2018 HMRL MD N.V.S. Reddy felicitated by Traders joint action committee Deccan Chronicle
28-08-2018 ‘Hurdles cleared in Old City’ – (Telugu) Nava Telangana
28-08-2018 ‘Common Ticket in the Offing’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
28-08-2018 Metro Rail works progressing at a brisk pace at Chilkalguda circle in Secunderabad Telangana Today
28-08-2018 Smart Cards to travel in metro, bus, auto soon The Hindu
26-08-2018 ‘MD, HMRL HMRL MD Mr.NVS Reddy & MIM Floor Leader Mr.Akbaruddin Owaisi inspecting Metro Rail alignment in Old City along with local MLAs’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
26-08-2018 ‘Metro works to commence in Old City ’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
26-08-2018 ‘Metro works to begin in Old City’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
26-08-2018 ‘Metro authorities and elected representatives inspecting alignment in Old City’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
26-08-2018 Metro on Track in Old City Telangana Today
26-08-2018 Walk in the sky between metro & railway station The Hindu
26-08-2018 Hope of metro chugging into Old City soar The Hindu
26-08-2018 Metro rail works in Old City Will begin in next few days Times of India
25-08-2018 ‘Hyderabad Metro Rail is a role model for India’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
25-08-2018 ‘HMRL MD Mr.NVS Reddy at an interactive session on Metro Rail project conducted by The Managing Committee of AP at Gandhi Centenary Hall’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
25-08-2018 ‘Madhuranagar to Jubilee Hills line clear’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
25-08-2018 CEIG inspects metro work The Hindu
24-08-2018 ‘Smart Journey’ – (Telugu) Nava Telangana
24-08-2018 ‘Salient features of Hyderabad Metro’ – (Telugu) Mana Telangana
24-08-2018 ‘Metro Rail is the crown jewel of Hyderabad’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
23-08-2018 Metro Rail PRO passes away The Hans India
22-08-2018 ‘Public Relations Officer of HMRL Mr.Y.Murali Mohan passed away’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
22-08-2018 ‘Public Relations Officer of HMRL Mr.Y.Murali Mohan passed away’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
22-08-2018 Metro PR officer passes away Telangana Today
18-08-2018 ‘Environment friendly travel’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
18-08-2018 Metro Touches 1 Lakkh Ridership Deccan Chronicle
18-08-2018 Metro rail: the trail and tribulations of completing Corridor one The Hindu
18-08-2018 Metro surge: 1L ride to beat traffic blues Times of India
16-08-2018 ‘Those 4 buildings are ready’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
16-08-2018 ‘Metro care of address for rental vehicles’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
16-08-2018 ‘ MD, HMRL Mr. NVS Reddy hoisting the National Tricolor on the 72nd Independence Day at Metro Rail Bhavan’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
16-08-2018 Engineers have to showcase the heritage aspects of the city Deccan Chronicle
16-08-2018 Metro safety inspection likely by month-end The Hindu
16-08-2018 Metro big leap: Ameerpet to LB Nagar run from Sept Times of India
12-08-2018 ‘Best ride for last mile’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
12-08-2018 ‘Ideas that shined...cycle, 3-wheeler, bus’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
12-08-2018 ‘Metro smart journey’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
12-08-2018 ‘Support public transport’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
12-08-2018 ‘Smart Mobility Start-up Festival’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
12-08-2018 3 start-ups make the cut at Stamp Challenge The Hindu
12-08-2018 STAMP challenge: 3 start-ups selected for Metro connectivity Times of India
12-08-2018 Cities of the Future Times of India
12-08-2018 Metro Phase II plan likely by month-end Telangana Today
11-08-2018 ‘Ensuring safety to women in public transportation’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
09-08-2018 ‘Metro works to be taken up on war footing’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
09-08-2018 ‘Metro Rail to be constructed in old city’ – (Telugu) Mana Telangana
09-08-2018 ‘Metro Shine a beautiful picture’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
09-08-2018 ‘Association requests for Metro Rail to be expedited in oldcity’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
09-08-2018 Old City Metro Rail Jac meet HMR MD N>V>S Reddy and requested for an early Metro launch in Old City Deccan Chronicle
09-08-2018 The LB nagar - Ameerpet line is expected to be launched in september Telangana Today
08-08-2018 ‘Metro Rail on a Roll' – (Telugu) Eenadu
08-08-2018 ‘Increase in number of commuters using Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
08-08-2018 Ameerpet-L.B. Nagar metro ride likely from next month The Hindu
05-08-2018 ‘ New Trend of Public Sharing in Transportation in Hyderabad’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
05-08-2018 The great chug: Metro every 3 mins in 2 years Times of India
01-08-2018 The great chug: Metro every 3 mins in 2 years Times of India
29-07-2018 ‘Metro, a shining Jewel' – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
29-07-2018 ‘Metro STAMP challenge gets good response’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
29-07-2018 ‘Hyderabad is Shining’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
29-07-2018 ‘Encourage the youth’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
29-07-2018 ‘Huge response to Metro Rail's last mile connectivity’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
29-07-2018 ‘Entries from different countries for Metro's Stamp Challenge’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
29-07-2018 Metro contest to improve facilities gets good response Telangana Today
29-07-2018 12 startups selected to make metro accessible The Hindu
29-07-2018 Metro rail will ferry 15 lakh everyday in the next 2 years The New Indian Express
29-07-2018 Even Metro man gave up on me, but i won! The New Indian Express
27-07-2018 ‘Encroachments on Musi to be removed’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
27-07-2018 HMR MD N.V.S. Reddy, Anil Kumar Saini of L&T shortlist start-ups for STAMP Challenge Deccan Chronicle
26-07-2018 ‘City's Development to be a Role Model' – (Telugu) Eenadu
26-07-2018 ‘Our Metro is No.1 in India’ – (Telugu) Mana Telangana
26-07-2018 ‘Cities are financial resources’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
26-07-2018 'Planned development of cities is very important' – (Hindi) Swatantra Vaartha
26-07-2018 TS urban infrastructure development plan soon The Hindu
25-07-2018 ‘Public are eagerly awaiting the opening of Hi-tec city stretch’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
24-07-2018 ‘Metro Rail to have facilities like airport’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
24-07-2018 ‘E-scooter for Rs.1 per km during night’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
24-07-2018 ‘Cultural art exhibition at Ameerpet interchange Metro station’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
24-07-2018 ‘E-bikes at Metro stations’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
24-07-2018 ‘Launched e-bikes and inaugurated Local cafe, Dadus Sweet shop at Ameerpet interchange Metro station’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
24-07-2018 Hmrl to achieve breakeven in sixth year Telangana Today
24-07-2018 E-Bikes to be made available at all Metro stations soon The Hans India
24-07-2018 Ameerpet metro station gets e-bikes, eateries The Hindu
24-07-2018 E-powered bikes to roll out of Metro stns from Aug 15 Times of India
23-07-2018 ‘Construction of Bhoiguda steel bridge completed’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
23-07-2018 ‘Erection of Bhoiguda Metro ROB work completed’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
23-07-2018 'Bhoiguda Metro ROB is a wonder' – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
23-07-2018 Bhoiguda Metro ROB erection completed The Hans India
23-07-2018 Bhoiguda Metro ROB is spot on The Hindu
23-07-2018 Feeders in Metro radius to cut commuting woes Times of India
22-07-2018 Ameerpet-LB Nagar metro soon Telangana Today
22-07-2018 Eagerly-awaited Metro stretch in IT corridor may be ready by November, says HMRL chief Times of India
21-07-2018 Multi-level parking complex soon at Sec'bad railway stn Indian Express
21-07-2018 ‘Green Metro...’ – (Telugu) Mana Telangana
21-07-2018 ‘Benefits of Hyderabad Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Manam
18-07-2018 ‘Celebrity touch for Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
16-07-2018 ‘Governor couple travel in Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
16-07-2018 ‘Governor couple travel in Metro Rail as ordinary passengers’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
16-07-2018 ‘Governor takes a ride in Hyderabad Metro’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
16-07-2018 GUV couple travel in metro as commoners The Hans India
16-07-2018 Shuttle services on the anvil when metro rail reaches Hi-Tec City The Hindu
16-07-2018 Guv's Metro ride without security Times of India
11-07-2018 ‘Smart Parking at Metro stations’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
11-07-2018 ‘Parking problems to be solved soon’ – (Telugu) Mana Telangana
11-07-2018 ‘Integrated Smart Parking system at 24 Metro stations’ – (Telugu) Nava Telangana
11-07-2018 ‘Bus updates on T-Savaari app’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
11-07-2018 ‘Metro Ship’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
11-07-2018 Metro station to have smart parking‘’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
11-07-2018 ‘Park Hyderabad’ – (Telugu) Vaartha
11-07-2018 ‘Park Hyderabad – digital solution to parking problems’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
11-07-2018 ‘Proposal of free bus services for first and last mile connectivity from Metro stations’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
11-07-2018 Bids for 'Park Hyd' finalised Deccan Chronicle
11-07-2018 Soon, park smart at metro stations Telangana Today
11-07-2018 Ameerpet to Hi-Tec stretch energised The Hans India
11-07-2018 Soon, battle parking woes at Metro stns with an app Times of India
10-07-2018 ‘One more substation for Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
10-07-2018 ‘Godavari water to Musi’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
13-07-2018 ‘JAC of Sultan Bazar traders thanked the Government’ – (Telugu) Surya
12-07-2018 'Use metro stations for road crossing' The Hindu
09-07-2018 ‘Metro highlights’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
09-07-2018 ‘Golden opportunity for Sultan Bazar’ – (Telugu) Mana Telangana
09-07-2018 Ameerpet skywalk to ease pedestrians' woes Telangana Today
08-07-2018 ‘3 level way at Malakpet Metro Station’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
08-07-2018 ‘Beautiful sidewalks at Jubilee Hills Rd. No. 36’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
07-07-2018 ‘Double thrill..!’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
07-07-2018 ‘Tourist..Metro..!’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
06-07-2018 ‘Rental bikes at Metro Stations’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
06-07-2018 ‘Transformative Steps by Hyderabad Metro’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
06-07-2018 ‘Drivezy self drive bike sharing services’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
06-07-2018 ‘Bikes on rent at Metro Stations’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
06-07-2018 ‘Footpath encroachments to be removed’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
06-07-2018 ‘Metro journey..made easy!’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
06-07-2018 ‘Hyderabad growth on fast track with Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Vaartha
06-07-2018 ‘LB Nagar stretch to be opened by end of August’ – (Hindi) Hindi-Milap
06-07-2018 Task force to work on common ticketing for Metro Telangana-Today
06-07-2018 One Ticket for metro, bus and train soon The Hindu
06-07-2018 Now, rent a bike at rs:3/- at metro stns Times of India
05-07-2018 ‘Interlinking’ – (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
05-07-2018 ‘one side modernisation...another side to depict history..!’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
05-07-2018 ‘Beautification of Metro corridor depicting history’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
05-07-2018 ‘Public plazas in Metro Corridor’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
05-07-2018 ‘5km stretch to depict historical beauty’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
05-07-2018 ‘5 heritage stations’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
05-07-2018 Heritage precinct along Metro line from assembly to lmlibun Telangana Today
05-07-2018 Metro rail near Nampally to have a period look The Hindu
05-07-2018 Heritage theme with modern facilities for 5-km Metro stretch Times of India
02-07-2018 ‘Ameerpet to LB Nagar’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
02-07-2018 Metro will get a slice of airport luxury with trolley service soon Times of India
01-07-2018 ‘HMRL MD Mr.NVS Reddy's services extended by one more year’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
01-07-2018 ‘MD HMRL services extended by one year’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
01-07-2018 ‘Metro Rail MD's service extended by one year’ – (Telugu) Vaartha
01-07-2018 ‘Metro Rail MD's service extended by one year’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
01-07-2018 NVS Reddy gets extension Telangana Today
01-07-2018 Small Measure, big change Telangana Today
01-07-2018 Beautifying Streets, Rental Cars and Loo&Cafe Telangana Today
01-07-2018 Metro Rail MD gets one year extension The Hindu
30-06-2018 Metro Stns to be like airports Time of India
29-06-2018 ‘Musheerabad – Chikadapally - Koti corridor demolition works are going at brisk pace’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
28-06-2018 ‘Two interchange stations in one corridor’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
28-06-2018 ‘Improved public transportation with Metro’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
27-06-2018 E-vehicles to offer feeder services to Hyderabad Metro Business Line
26-06-2018 ‘Metro task force’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
26-06-2018 ‘Joyful journey..Metro’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
26-06-2018 ‘ New Look for Metro Corridors’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
26-06-2018 ‘We have to achieve last mile connectivity’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
26-06-2018 ‘Metro to be interlinked with every corner of the city’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
26-06-2018 Special task force for better last mile connectivity Telangana Today
26-06-2018 Task force to strengthen public transport systems The Hindu
25-06-2018 ‘Haritha Haram in Metro corridors’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
24-06-2018 ‘Metro Rail set to excite public as another stretch to open soon’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
24-06-2018 ‘Waterless urinals at Metro Stations’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
24-06-2018 Which way will airport metro go? The Hindu
23-06-2018 ‘Electric cars at Metro stations for first & last mile connectivity’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
23-06-2018 ‘Waterless urinals’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
23-06-2018 ‘Electric Vehicles at Miyapur Metro Station’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
23-06-2018 ‘Waterless urinals at Metro Stations’ – (Telugu) Mana Telangana
23-06-2018 ‘One charge can travel upto 140 km’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
23-06-2018 ‘Waterless Urinals for the First Time in the Country’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
23-06-2018 ‘Electric Cars at Metro Stations’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
23-06-2018 Zoomcar launches 25 electric vehicles The Hans India
23-06-2018 25 self-driven electric cars launched at Miyapur stn Times Of India
23-06-2018 Urine converted into safe water at Metro Deccan Chronical
22-06-2018 ‘End of Women Harassment’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
22-06-2018 ‘Metro gives importance to environment protection’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
22-06-2018 ‘We are there..’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
22-06-2018 ‘Action plan for women’s safe travel’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
22-06-2018 ‘Campaign against harassment of women in public transport’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
22-06-2018 Ensuring safe and hassle-free public transport for women Telangana Today
21-06-2018 ‘Ameerpet – LB Nagar stretch to be ready by July end’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
21-06-2018 ‘Our Metro is best’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
21-06-2018 ‘Our Metro is best’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
21-06-2018 ‘Ameerpet to LB Nagar stretch to be inaugurated soon by Chief Minister’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
21-06-2018 ‘Metro Rail to run between Ameerpet to LB Nagar by July end’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
21-06-2018 ‘Ameerpet to LB Nagar stretch to start by July end’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
21-06-2018 CM to launch LB Nagar, Ameerpet Metro Rail The Hans India
21-06-2018 KTR directs Metro brass to open LB Nagar-Ameerpet zone by july Times Of India
21-06-2018 Ameerpet-L.B. Nagar stretch to be ready by july The Hindu
18-06-2018 Metro Rail at Nampally to have heritage look The Hindu
16-06-2018 ‘City gets new face lift with Metro’ – (Telugu) Namasthe telangana
16-06-2018 ‘HMRL, MD Mr. NVS Reddy said Metro Rail to be integrated with bus & rail’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
16-06-2018 ‘High Street footpath developed by HMRL from Jubilee Hills check post to Cyber Towers’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
16-06-2018 ‘World class end-to-end designer sidewalk/foothpath developed by HMRL from Jubilee Hills check post to Cyber Towers’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
16-06-2018 Sec'bad is India's first green station Telangana Today
16-06-2018 HMRL to build plush sidewalks The Hans India
16-06-2018 HMR to develop 'high-street' infrastructure on Road No. 36 The Hindu
16-06-2018 Now, take a 5-km walk on a Singapore-like 'high street' Times Of india
15-06-2018 ‘Metro Rail works going at brisk pace’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
13-06-2018 City a step closer to end parking woes Times Of india
10-06-2018 ‘STAMP challenge for new ideas’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
10-06-2018 ‘Unique numbering for Metro corridors’ – (Telugu) Mana Telangana
10-06-2018 ‘Corridor – II to be completed by March 2019’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
10-06-2018 ‘Against doomsday prediction, Metro a reality today’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
10-06-2018 ‘Electric Vehicle charging points at Metro stations’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
10-06-2018 e-vehicle policy on june 29 Telangana Today
10-06-2018 Electric vehicle charging infra to come up at Metro stns in phases Times of India
09-06-2018 ‘Metro staircase bridge over Secunderabad - Paradise flyover’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
08-06-2018 ‘Ameerpet to MGBS train run to begin soon’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
08-06-2018 ‘Ameerpet to MGBS train run to begin soon’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
08-06-2018 HMRL inspects traction system The Hans India
08-06-2018 World-class auditorium to replace hari hara kala bhavan Deccan Chronicle
07-06-2018 ‘Multilevel parking complexes soon in City’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
07-06-2018 ‘Metro is the city’s new pillar of address’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
07-06-2018 ‘Multilevel parking complexes to be built with international technology’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
07-06-2018 Hyderabad to have multi-level parking complexes soon Indian Express
07-06-2018 HMRL calls for ideas on last-mile connectivity Telangana Today
07-06-2018 Govt to invite EOIs for multi-level parking lots The Hans India
07-06-2018 Multi-level car parking in PPP mode to end city woes soon? Times of India
07-06-2018 For better Metro acces, approval STAMPS sought Times of India
03-06-2018 Metro Rail to launch two more malls Telangana Today
03-06-2018 ‘HMRL MD Mr.NVS Reddy unfurled the national flag on the occasion of State formation day’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
03-06-2018 ‘Impossible to possible’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
03-06-2018 ‘Telangana State Formation Day Celebrations at Metro Rail Bhavan’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
03-06-2018 ‘LB Nagar to Ameerpet route trial run soon’ – (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
01-06-2018 ‘Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav said shall build multilevel parking complex at Monda’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
30-05-2018 ‘Hyderabad Metro Rail is superb’ – (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
30-05-2018 ‘Hyderabad Metro is benchmark for other Metros’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
30-05-2018 ‘Unique features of Hyderabad Metro Rail: NVS Reddy’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
30-05-2018 ‘Our Metro is the best’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
30-05-2018 International Metro meet held Times of India
28-05-2018 Metro Phase-II routes checked Times Of India
27-05-2018 ‘DPR for Metro Phase 2 in a month’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
27-05-2018 ‘Field survey for Metro Phase 2’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
27-05-2018 ‘Survey for Metro Phase 2 speeded up’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
27-05-2018 ‘Technical officers visited Airport Metro Express corridor’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
27-05-2018 Delhi team inspects Metro Phase II corridors Telangana Today
27-05-2018 HMRL, DMRC bosses inspect potential phase-II corridors The Hans India
25-05-2018 ‘Ad flex a hurdle for Metro’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
25-05-2018 ‘Metro Rail – a crown jewel’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
25-05-2018 Flexi ad falls on Metro line, services disrupted Times Of India
25-05-2018 Ad flexi falls on electric wires, Metro halted for 30 mintues Deccan Chronical
24-05-2018 ‘KTR tweets – Blankets in nalas ? ’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
24-05-2018 ‘Pedestrians safety ensured’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
24-05-2018 An Iftar to Remember Times Of India
23-05-2018 ‘Aesthetically designed parking bays by HMRL at Begumpet’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
21-05-2018 ‘Metro work in progress near Putlibowli Rangamahal junction’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
20-05-2018 ‘Vegetables to be sold in Metro Stations’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
20-05-2018 ‘Metro stations used as FOB’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
17-05-2018 ‘Metro Rail works are going at brisk pace’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
17-05-2018 ‘Beautification of central median across Metro corridors’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
17-05-2018 ‘Beautification of Metro stations’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
17-05-2018 Now, more Metro stations to offer bike service at Rs: 4/km Times of India
15-05-2018 Metro patronage sees upward curve Telangana Today
11-05-2018 ‘Mana Kuragayalu vegetable shop in Metro Stations’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
11-05-2018 ‘Electrification works have picked up pace’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
11-05-2018 Inspection of upcoming metro rail stations The Hindu
10-05-2018 Hyd Future: Parallel worlds in sky with Metro Times of India
10-05-2018 Skywalks to connect Metro with schools & malls: NVS Times of India
09-05-2018 ‘Acquisition of properties to be expedited’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
08-05-2018 ‘Metro all around the city’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
08-05-2018 ‘MD, HMRL inaugurating exclusive ladies coach’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
08-05-2018 ‘Metro contributes to make Hyderabad a Global City’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
08-05-2018 ‘Arrived..Metro ladies special’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
08-05-2018 Metro On growth curve Telangana Today
08-05-2018 Making Metro safe for women Telangana Today
08-05-2018 Exclusive coach for women in Metro trains The Hans India
08-05-2018 A room of their Own The Hindu
07-05-2018 ‘Women’s safety is our goal’ – (Telugu) Mana Telangana
07-05-2018 ‘Metro Rail commuters are increasing’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
06-05-2018 ‘Exclusive women’s coach in Metro train’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
06-05-2018 ‘Ladies coach in each Metro train’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
05-05-2018 ‘Let us be fully prepared’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
05-05-2018 GHMC told to prep up for monsoon Telanagana Today
05-05-2018 HMR to adopt 'smart' parking system Telanagana Today
05-05-2018 Lightning? fret not! Metro has you covered Deccan Chronical
02-05-2018 LB Nagar-Ameerpet Metro on track, brace for ride in mths Times Of India
01-05-2018 ‘Injection borewells for low lying areas’ – (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
30-04-2018 'Jalayagnam in Metro Corridors' - (Telugu) Sakshi
30-04-2018 HMRL to build 100 rainwater pits Telangana Today
30-04-2018 HMR to construct RWH Structures The Hans India
26-04-2018 Forty hi -tech parking lots to come up in city The Times of India
26-04-2018 Govt moots multi - level car parking complexes in city The Hans India
26-04-2018 '40 Multi level car parkings are to be built soon' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
26-04-2018 'Multi level car parkings in PPP' -(Telugu) Sakshi
26-04-2018 'Multi storeyed parking complexes in the city' - (Telugu) Eenadu
26-04-2018 'Govt departments asked to give places for parking complexes' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
21-04-2018 Metro ramps up frequency,train every 7 min in peak hrs The Times Of India
21-04-2018 Good news for travellers as Metro frequency up Deccan Chronicle
21-04-2018 'Metro at every 7 minutes' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
21-04-2018 'Metro rail Speed and frequency to Increase from today' - (Telugu) Sakshi
21-04-2018 'Metro rail at every 7 minutes' - (Telugu) Namsthe Telagana
20-04-2018 Uber, Hyderabad Metro patner for first, last ,mile connectivity Business Line
20-04-2018 Metro ties up with Uber to provide last-mile connectivity for public Indian Express
20-04-2018 Uber Teams up with Hyderabad Metro The Economic Times
20-04-2018 Hyd Metro ties up with Uber The Hans India
20-04-2018 'Uber to run taxies from Metro Stations' -(Hindi) Hindi Milap
20-04-2018 'Ameerpet-LB Nagar line to be completed by June' - (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
20-04-2018 'Hyderabad Metro ties up with Uber' -(Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
18-04-2018 A third of city metro rail's power to be solar The Hindu
16-04-2018 'Change of name for Balanagar Metro Station as Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Balanagar Metro Station' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
16-04-2018 Airport connectivity from all metro terminals later The Hindu
16-04-2018 Balanagar metro staion named after Dr.B.R Ambedkar The Hans India
15-04-2018 'Change of name for Balanagar Metro Station' - (Telugu) Sakshi
15-04-2018 'Tributes payed to Dr.B.R.Ambedkar on his birthday at Kukatpally Y Jn' - (Telugu) Namsthe Telangana
15-04-2018 'Balnagar Metro Station name changed as Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Balanagar Metro Station' - (Telugu) Namsthe Telangana
15-04-2018 'Name change for Balanagar Metro Station' - (Telugu) Eenadu
15-04-2018 Balanagar station renamed as Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Metro Station Deccan Chronicle
13-04-2018 Lakdi-Ka-Pul RoB: Load bearing test under way Telangana Today
13-04-2018 Women look at Metro as safer bet in Old City Times of India
13-04-2018 'Load Test' - (Telugu) Eenadu
12-04-2018 'Modern Aramghar (Rest House)' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
12-04-2018 'Merto Rail MD met Major General on transfer of Defense Land' - (Telugu) Namsthe Telangana
12-04-2018 ' "Sainik Bhavan" in Secunderabad' - (Telugu) Sakshi
12-04-2018 'Meeting between MD HMRL and GOC TAASA' - (Hindi) Swathantra Vartha
12-04-2018 Army gets on Metro Track Times of India
11-04-2018 'MMTS between Secunderabad and Bollaram in a month' - (Telugu) Eenadu
11-04-2018 'RUB and ROB works should be completed early' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
11-04-2018 GHMC,SCR should work in tandem, says KTR Telangana Today
11-04-2018 SCR,State decide to expedite MMTS phase two The Hindu
03-04-2018 'Stern action if roads get damaged -Minister warns GHMC Engineers' - (Telugu) Namsthe Telangana
02-04-2018 It's time Metro chugged into people's lives,transformed them. Deccan Chronicle
02-04-2018 Faster, more frequent: Metro rail gears up for improved run The Hindu
02-04-2018 'Metro grid with Second Phase' -(Telugu) Eenadu
31-03-2018 Metro to run midnight service for IPL matches The Times of India
31-03-2018 High - speed train for Hyderabad Airport Metro The Hindu
31-03-2018 HMRL made nodal agency for multi - level parking The Hindu
31-03-2018 HMRL to build parking complexes in Nampally Deccan Chronical
31-03-2018 KTR for huge boost to multi-level parking lots Telangana Today
31-03-2018 'Smart Parking in the City' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
30-03-2018 A Panoramic view of the Metro Station coming up near the Legislative Assembly Telangana Today
30-03-2018 'Metro to run at 8 min frequency' - (Telugu) Eenadu
28-03-2018 'Metro Project with Government Funds' - (Telugu) Namsthe Telangana
28-03-2018 Smart' plans to end parking woes Telangana Today
26-03-2018 Joshi,NVS to head SPV on airport metros Telangana Today
26-03-2018 SPV for metro line from Raidurg to airport The Hindu
24-03-2018 'SPV formed to extend metro upto shamshabad' - (Telugu) Sakshi
22-03-2018 Engineering Feat - Steel Bridge under construction near Monda Market Deccan Chronical
21-03-2018 JBS - MGBS route of metro rail to be ready by August - KTR The Hindu
16-03-2018 600 Crore Given to Metro Rail Project Deccan Chronical
16-03-2018 400 Crore allocation for extending HMR up to RGIA The Hindu
14-03-2018 'Construction of Metro steel bridge over Boiguda Railway Bridge near Old Ghandi hospital ' - (Telugu) Eenadu
14-03-2018 'We are for you - Bicycles on Rent at Metro stations' - (Telugu) Eenadu
07-03-2018 'Double Elevated Metro stations near Ranghamahal' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
07-03-2018 '100 Days run of Metro Train' - (Telugu) Eenadu
07-03-2018 'Pillars resemble Garland in Ammerpet - SR Nagar Metro Corridor ' - (Telugu) Eenadu
06-03-2018 Public Toilets at 3 Metro Stations soon Deccan Chronical
02-03-2018 'Signs of Improvement along the Metro Corridors' - (Telugu) Eenadu
27-02-2018 'HMR Takes Over 2 places worth 43 Cr' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
27-02-2018 'Parking Issues Resolved' - (Telugu) Sakshi
27-02-2018 'Electrification works of Metro are good' - (Telugu) Sakshi
27-02-2018 HMR ousts car dealer, takes land for parking Deccan Chronical
27-02-2018 Two skywalks coming up at MGBS Telangana Today
27-02-2018 Metro squatter kicked out, Hmrl gets parking space Times Of India
21-02-2018 'Increase the Metro Rail frequency : KTR' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
21-02-2018 'Metro Connectivity for Airport' - (Telugu) Namsthe Telangana
21-02-2018 'Increase the Metro Rail frequency : KTR' - (Telugu) Sakshi
21-02-2018 'Provide better Ticketing Services to Passengers at Metro Stations : KTR' - (Hindi) Swthantra Varrrtha
21-02-2018 Increase Metro Rail Speed : KTR Telangana Today
21-02-2018 KTR PRODS Officials for City - RGIA Metro Line The Hans India
21-02-2018 Tenders for first multi-level parking at Nampally metro station soon The Hindu
21-02-2018 51 yrs after death,last Nizam gets officials recognition Times Of India
16-02-2018 'Drawing Attraction :Hyderabad Metro Works Over Narayanguda Flyover Bridge ' - (Telugu) Manam
14-02-2018 'MGBS Metro station works on fast track' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
14-02-2018 'Drawing Attraction : Chikadpally - Narayanguda Bridge' - (Telugu) Eenadu
13-02-2018 'Rainwater Harvesting Park' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
13-02-2018 'Rainwater Harvesting Park in the city' - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
12-02-2018 'Lakidi-ka-pul ROB ready' - (Telugu) Namsthe Telangana
12-02-2018 'Tracks, signals, power are the only works left' - (Telugu) Eenadu
12-02-2018 'Lakidi-ka-pul ROB ready' - (Telugu) Sakshi
12-02-2018 'Metro rail - One more step forward' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
12-02-2018 Key ROB gap in Metro rail Corridor - I finally bridged The Hindu
12-02-2018 Crucial Metro link on corridor 1 completed Times of India
07-02-2018 'Smart Cycles' - (Telugu) Sakshi
07-02-2018 CS advises on green development programmes Hindi Milap
07-02-2018 Metro Casts A Spell Telangana Today
24-01-2018 'Increase feeder services from Metro Stations' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
24-01-2018 'Conduct a survey on Metro Phase II' - (Telugu) Eenadu
24-01-2018 'Prepare DPR for Metro Phase II' - (Telugu) Namsthe Telangana
24-01-2018 CS - Environment friendly Metro Hindi Milap
24-01-2018 Last mile connectivity: E-vehicle at Metro stns Times of India
24-01-2018 CS stresses EVs on Metro Telangana Today
24-01-2018 Hyderabad Metro told to Prepare Project report for Phase-II Business Line
10-01-2018 US Consul General all praise for Metro Telangana Today
07-01-2018 LB Nagar-Miyapur Metro to be ready by June: KTR Times of India
06-01-2018 ‘LB Nagar Metro by June’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
01-01-2018 ‘Innovatively in 2018..’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
01-01-2018 6,000 take Metro on Dec 31 night Telangana Today
31-12-2017 ‘Public toilet constructed by HMRL at Bharat Nagar market’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
31-12-2017 ‘We achieved Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
30-12-2017 ‘This is Metro Year’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
30-12-2017 ‘Metro monthly passes soon’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
30-12-2017 ‘Faced many hurdles’ – (Telugu) Nava Telangana
30-12-2017 '32 lakh people travelled in Metro Rail in 30 days’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
30-12-2017 ‘Two more Metro routes by end of June’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
30-12-2017 Hyderabad Metro eyes two more lines by June Business Line
30-12-2017 Proud Moments Deccan Chronical
30-12-2017 Hyderabad Metro eyes rs: 1,000-crore German loan The Financial Express
30-12-2017 'Computerised Smart On-street Parking' near metro stations soon The Hindu
29-12-2017 ‘US Consul General & Metro Rail MD travelled in Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
29-12-2017 ‘US Consul General travelled in Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
29-12-2017 ‘Metro journey superb’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
29-12-2017 U.S. Consul-General takes a ride on metro The Hindu
29-12-2017 US Consul Gen. Katherine Hadda lauds Metro Times of India
28-12-2017 ‘Our dream Metro arrived’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
28-12-2017 ‘Metro Rail gaining public popularity’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
27-12-2017 Cyber Towers to be used for laying Metro piers Telangana Today
27-12-2017 Metro on a roll, Locals thrilled with service Deccan Chronical
24-12-2017 HMRL chief gets award Times of India
24-12-2017 ‘Mr.NVS Reddy conferred Impact Person of the Year Award’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
23-12-2017 ‘Metro Chai’- (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
23-12-2017 ‘Toilets planned at Metro stations’- (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
23-12-2017 ‘Ameerpet to Hi-tec City test run’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
23-12-2017 HMR on new trail Telangana Today
22-12-2017 Miyapur is Where it all begins The Hindu
21-12-2017 ‘CEOs’ Club lauds HMRL MD’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
21-12-2017 ‘CEOs’ Club felicitate MD HMRL’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
21-12-2017 ‘Metro success only with tolerance & skill’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
21-12-2017 ‘Felicitation to Metro Man’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
21-12-2017 CEO's Club felicitate Metro MD The Hindu
21-12-2017 Metro Rail Chief feted by CEO's Club The Hans India
20-12-2017 ‘Late Dr.YSR is the founder for Hyderabad Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
19-12-2017 Hold your drink, & don't uncap bottles on metro Times of India
18-12-2017 ‘Metro flash’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
18-12-2017 ‘Poet duo’s poem on Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
17-12-2017 Better Metro frequency from April 01 The Hindu
16-12-2017 Commute wonder of Hyderabad Telangana Today
15-12-2017 ‘Diaspora youth of Indian origin travelled in Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
15-12-2017 ‘Marigold flower plants under the viaduct at Jubilee Hills check post’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
15-12-2017 ‘Public prefer to Metro travel’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
15-12-2017 ‘Metro journey excellent’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
15-12-2017 Diaspora Youth ride Hyderabad Metro The Hindu
15-12-2017 First Metro ride for 40 NRI youths Times of India
14-12-2017 ‘Public demand expansion of Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
14-12-2017 ‘Metro Rail to LB Nagar along with Hi-tec City’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
14-12-2017 ‘Metro Rail tie up with OLA’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
14-12-2017 Crowd - control a huge problem for Metro Deccan Chronicle
14-12-2017 A tale of two Metro rails The Hindu
12-12-2017 ‘Eminent personalities’ pictures on Metro pillars’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
11-12-2017 ‘Metro euphoria’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
11-12-2017 ‘People’s fascination for Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
11-12-2017 The Metro Man Deccan Chronicle
11-12-2017 Metro continues to break records Telangana Today
11-12-2017 Hyderabad Metro Setting a new standard for PPPs The Financial Express
10-12-2017 ‘15 lakh travelled in 11 days’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
09-12-2017 ‘Mr.NVS Reddy attracts students with Metro folk song’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
09-12-2017 ‘MD, HMRL Mr. NVS Reddy as Chief Guest in the College Day celebrations of Kasturba Gandhi Junior College for Women in Secunderabad’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
09-12-2017 Metro rush to peak Telangana Today
09-12-2017 Girl students urged to set targets high The Hans India
08-12-2017 ‘Metro Rail upto Raidurg in 2 years’- (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
08-12-2017 ‘Public prefer Metro Trains’- (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
08-12-2017 ‘Metro Rail extension upto Raidurg in 2 years’- (Telugu) Eenadu
08-12-2017 ‘Metro to run upto Raidurg by end of November2019’- (Telugu) Sakshi
08-12-2017 ‘Metro works are going on at brisk pace from Ameerpet to Hi-tec city’- (Hindi) Hindi Milap
08-12-2017 Worked overtime on Metro safety audit: CMRS chief India Express
08-12-2017 Works on Raidurg metro line to begin Telangana Today
08-12-2017 Take a stroll to station: Metro corridors across the to be pedestrian friendly Times of India
07-12-2017 ‘Relatives to be taken for Metro ride’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
07-12-2017 ‘Hi-tec city line by June’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
07-12-2017 ‘This pillar belongs to Pakistan’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
06-12-2017 ‘Mr.Mallesham is presented a cheque of Rs. 1 Cr. by Minister Mr.KTR for inventing a machine to help weavers’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
06-12-2017 ‘Many challenges in the construction of big infra projects’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
06-12-2017 ‘Not just strategy & smart moves- patience also required’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
06-12-2017 ‘Mr.Mallesham is presented a cheque of Rs. 1 Cr. by Minister Mr.KTR for inventing a machine to help weavers’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
06-12-2017 ‘Civil servants should take inspiration from Metro Rails success’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
06-12-2017 ‘Felicitation to Mr.NVS Reddy’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
06-12-2017 ‘Projects should improve standard of living’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
06-12-2017 ‘HMR is World’s largest PPP project said Mr.NVS Reddy’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
06-12-2017 HMR to Break even in five years: N.V.S. Reddy The Hindu
06-12-2017 Metro frequency to increase in February The Hindu
05-12-2017 ‘Art forms of Telangana culture on Metro Rail pillars’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
05-12-2017 Front evacuation in Metro for emergencies The Hindu
04-12-2017 ‘Denizens of Hyderabad throng Metro Trains with their family & friends’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
04-12-2017 ‘High security for Metro Rail’- (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
04-12-2017 ‘New experience’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
04-12-2017 ‘Every one cooperated for Metro’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
04-12-2017 ‘Felicitation to Mr.NVS Reddy’- (Telugu) Sakshi
04-12-2017 Selfie Mania at Metro Stations Times of India
03-12-2017 ‘Wants to travel by Metro?..wait for sometime’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
03-12-2017 ‘Response to Metro is super..ready for phase 2 - KTR’- (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
03-12-2017 ‘Our Metro Man’- (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
03-12-2017 ‘Good response for Metro Rail – KTR’- (Hindi) Hindi Milap
03-12-2017 Now, you can use Metro stations as FOBs The Hindu
02-12-2017 ‘Sultan bazaar traders called on Metro Rail MD’ – (Telugu) Nava Telangana
02-12-2017 ‘Metro train wrapped in publicity’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
01-12-2017 ‘Ecstasy of Metro Rail commuters’ – (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
01-12-2017 ‘Crowded Metro Stations’- (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
01-12-2017 ‘Crowded Metro trains on second day too’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
01-12-2017 ‘Metro train wrapped with pictures of Telangana heritage sites’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
01-12-2017 ‘Joyful Metro ride’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
01-12-2017 ‘Security alert at every moment’- (Telugu) Eenadu
01-12-2017 ‘Not one but two lakhs!’ – (Telugu) Manam
01-12-2017 ‘Our City Our Metro’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
01-12-2017 ‘Good security surveillance for safety of commuters’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
01-12-2017 ‘Metro Man Mr.NVS Reddy holding a child in Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
01-12-2017 ‘Sultan bazaar traders felicitated Metro Rail MD’ – (Hindi) Swatantra Vaartha
01-12-2017 ‘Mr.NVS Reddy sharing the travel pleasure of Metro commuters’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
01-12-2017 Metro Day-2 gives better picture Deccan Chronical
30-11-2017 ‘Our City Our Metro’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
30-11-2017 ‘Selfie mania at Metro stations’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
30-11-2017 ‘Public eager to experience Metro’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
30-11-2017 ‘1 lakh crossed on first day’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
30-11-2017 ‘How is Metro Rail journey?’ – (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
30-11-2017 ‘Our Metro’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
30-11-2017 ‘Response is beyond expectation’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
30-11-2017 ‘Metro euphoria on the first day’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
30-11-2017 ‘Happy journey’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
30-11-2017 ‘Rising Metro’ – (Telugu) Mana Telangana
30-11-2017 ‘Good response to Metro’ – (Telugu) Mana Telangana
30-11-2017 ‘How is Metro Rail journey?’ – (Telugu) Nava Telangana
30-11-2017 ‘Crowded Metro’ – (Telugu) Nava Telangana
30-11-2017 ‘Metro euphoria’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
30-11-2017 ‘Travelled world over for unique designs to Hyderabad Metro’ – (Telugu) Surya
30-11-2017 ‘Heavy rush to travel by Metro Rail’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
30-11-2017 Overwhleming response on day one Telangana Today
30-11-2017 Metro makes a mark on Day 1! Deccan Chronicle
29-11-2017 ‘Key persons behind Metro project’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
29-11-2017 ‘Metro nerve centre in Hydernagar’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
29-11-2017 ‘Metro Rail on track’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
29-11-2017 ‘Thousands throng at Metro stations’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
29-11-2017 ‘Metro Rail on track’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
29-11-2017 Our Metro, Our Pride The Hans India
29-11-2017 Innovative Metro rail to serve Hyderabadis from today The Hindu
28-11-2017 ‘Metro City’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
28-11-2017 'Metro turn’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
28-11-2017 ‘Smart bikes in Metro stations' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
28-11-2017 ‘A fine day’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
28-11-2017 ‘oppositions’ cheap politics - KTR’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
28-11-2017 ‘New chapter in Hyderabad – Metro Rail to run from today’ – (Hindi) Swatantra Vaarth
28-11-2017 All 3 corridors functional by Dec '18' Times of India
28-11-2017 KTR: Metro will be game-changer Telangana Today
28-11-2017 Inaugural pylon reflects the past and future The Hindu
27-11-2017 ‘Metro coaches super’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
27-11-2017 ‘Metro Rail project agreement done in 2010 only’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
27-11-2017 ‘Marigold flower plants below Metro viaduct’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
27-11-2017 ‘Artistic images on Metro Rail pillars’- (Telugu) Eenadu
27-11-2017 ‘State of the art safety measures’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
27-11-2017 ‘Our Metro fare is cheaper’- (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
27-11-2017 ‘Impressive pylon’- (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
27-11-2017 ‘Memorable stop...Metro pylon’- (Telugu) Sakshi
27-11-2017 ‘Precast wonder’- (Telugu) Sakshi
27-11-2017 ‘Colourful Metro corridors of the city’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
27-11-2017 Metro plaza to be the next landmark Telangana Today
27-11-2017 Hyd Metro will break-even only after 6-7 years Times of India
26-11-2017 ‘Metro Rail charges – Min Rs.10 & Max Rs.60’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
26-11-2017 ‘High security for Metro’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
26-11-2017 ‘Metro Rail services upto 10 PM’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
26-11-2017 ‘Minimum fare Rs.10’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
26-11-2017 ‘Metro Rail creates records right from opening’ – (Telugu) Mana Telangana
26-11-2017 ‘Metro City’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
26-11-2017 ‘Metro Rail timings 6 AM to 10 PM’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
26-11-2017 ‘KTR said Hyderabad Metro Rail is ready in all respects’ – (Hindi) Swatantra Vaartha
26-11-2017 Metro Fare starts at rs:10 Deccan Chronicle
21-11-2017 ‘Adding beauty to Metro Piers’- (Telugu) Eenadu
21-11-2017 ‘Route clear for Metro operations’- (Telugu) Eenadu
21-11-2017 ‘Not just plain concrete structures - they are artefacts ’- (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
21-11-2017 ‘Metro right right’- (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
21-11-2017 ‘Each floor has its own uniqueness’- (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
21-11-2017 ‘Metro journey is environmental friendly’- (Telugu) Sakshi
21-11-2017 Redefining public transport Telangana Today
21-11-2017 Safety clearance for inaugural metro stretch The Hindu
21-11-2017 SR Nagar-Mettuguda was missing link in 30-km Metro rail corridor Times of India
20-11-2017 ‘Malls to open with Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
20-11-2017 ‘Construction of Metro Pylon under surveillance’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
20-11-2017 ‘Impossible become possible’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
20-11-2017 ‘Awards galore before launch’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
20-11-2017 Metro Rail sets another benchmark Telangana Today
20-11-2017 Driverless technology on metro rail The Hindu
19-11-2017 ‘Beautiful Metro coaches’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
19-11-2017 ‘World’s best technology’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
19-11-2017 ‘Metro has brought green cover’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
19-11-2017 ‘Compensation is a boon’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
19-11-2017 ‘Who laboured for Metro construction?’ – (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
19-11-2017 ‘Korea to Hyderabad’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
16-11-2017 ‘Illuminated Metro station’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
16-11-2017 ‘Global look..local art!’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
16-11-2017 ‘Mr SP Singh as Chairman of Metro Rail during both beginning & inauguration’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
16-11-2017 ‘May I help you’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
16-11-2017 ‘Modern technologies in Metro’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
15-11-2017 ‘Love to walk..’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
15-11-2017 ‘Metro walk! To people of Hyderabad’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
15-11-2017 ‘Fool proof security...!’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
15-11-2017 ‘Property prices up across Metro corridors!’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
15-11-2017 ‘New look with Metro’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
15-11-2017 ‘Uppal depot to control Metro’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
15-11-2017 Metro to go beyond just travel Telangana Today
15-11-2017 Commuters can get Metro every 15 minutes The Times of India
14-11-2017 ‘New selfie point in city’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
14-11-2017 ‘Dream Metro...A poem by NVS Reddy’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
14-11-2017 ‘Metro travel..Useful’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
14-11-2017 ‘Our Metro is world’s largest’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
14-11-2017 ‘Ameerpet Metro..Superb’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
14-11-2017 ‘Wi-fi & LED screens at Miyapur Metro station’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
14-11-2017 ‘Beautification of SR Nagar Metro station’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
14-11-2017 ‘Metro to be completed by end of 2018’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
14-11-2017 ‘Metro Rail inauguration works are going at brisk pace’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
13-11-2017 ‘Ameerpet to be Metro hub’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
13-11-2017 ‘Ameerpet to be Metro hub’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
13-11-2017 ‘Save time..stress free journey!’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
13-11-2017 ‘Malls..Marvellous’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
13-11-2017 ‘Illuminated Metro station’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
13-11-2017 Metro nerve centre gears up Telangana Today
12-11-2017 ‘Let’s travel in our Metro!’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
12-11-2017 ‘Unique..Innovative’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
11-11-2017 ‘Wow..Metro station’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
11-11-2017 ‘Wheelchair..directly into Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
11-11-2017 ‘Internet based cameras in Metro’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
10-11-2017 ‘Metro works are going at brisk pace’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
10-11-2017 ‘Hassle experience!’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
10-11-2017 ‘Metro a modern helm’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
10-11-2017 ‘Modern art’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
10-11-2017 'These 2 are key' - (Telugu) Sakshi
10-11-2017 Pedal back home from metro stations Telangana Today
09-11-2017 ‘40 people controlling the whole network’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
09-11-2017 ‘Innovative 'T-Savaari' App by Hyderabad Metro ’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
09-11-2017 ‘Governor & Minister MA&UD travel in Metro from SR Nagar’ – (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
09-11-2017 ‘Comfortable travel by T – Savari App !’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
09-11-2017 ‘Governor & Minister Mr. KTR travel in Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
09-11-2017 ‘Governor travels in Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Manam
09-11-2017 ‘Governor & Minister Mr. KTR travel in Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Mana Telangana
09-11-2017 ‘Prominent people travel in Metro’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
09-11-2017 ‘International travel experience with Metro’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
09-11-2017 ‘Governor Shri ESL Narasimhan boarded Metro Rail’ – (Telugu) Nava Telangana
09-11-2017 ‘Metro a technology marvel’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
09-11-2017 ‘Minister Mr. KTR travels in Metro Rail’ – (Hindi) Hindi Milap
09-11-2017 ‘Governor & Minister Mr. KTR travel in Metro Rail’ – (Urdu) The Munsif
09-11-2017 Guv, KTR get a feel of the Metro Deccan Chronicle
09-11-2017 PM will flag off Metro Rail on Nov 28: KTR The Hans India
09-11-2017 KTR assures metro commuters of a world class travel experience The Hindu
08-11-2017 ‘Ameerpet station three storied wonder’ – (Telugu) Andhra-Jyothi
08-11-2017 ‘Metro run’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telanagana
08-11-2017 ‘Plantation on central median from Madhapur – Hitex to Jubilee Hills Check Post’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telanagana
08-11-2017 Hyderabad Metro Rail passed over Begumpet and reached Ameerpet as part of test run conducted on one km stretch on tuesday evening. Telanagana Today
08-11-2017 4 Sub-Stations put metro on track for uninterrupted run The Times of India
08-11-2017 Statutory requirements to be in place by Nov 20 The Times of India
07-11-2017 ‘Beatification of Metro corridors’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
07-11-2017 ‘Beautification of Metro stations’ – (Telugu) Nava Telangana
07-11-2017 ‘Track ready’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
07-11-2017 ‘Begumpet to Ameerpet route Metro line clear’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
07-11-2017 Center to come up with a Urbanisation police India Express
06-11-2017 ‘Comfortable travel in Metro’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
06-11-2017 ‘Metro interchange ready’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
05-11-2017 ‘A beautiful Metro canopy’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
05-11-2017 ‘Hyderabad Metro is unique in the world’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
03-11-2017 ‘Workers beauty...Ameerpet metro station’ (Telugu) Nava Telangana
03-11-2017 Metro pillar to show case TS pride Telangana Today
02-11-2017 ‘Ambedkar Station ..!’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
02-11-2017 ‘Day & night Metro Rail works’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
02-11-2017 Metro makes a giant crossover The Hindu
31-10-2017 Exotic plants worth rs:2cr to adorn Metro corridor The Times of India
30-10-2017 ‘Metro works are going at brisk pace’ – (Telugu) Nava Telangana
30-10-2017 ‘Metro Rail A,B & C zones’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
30-10-2017 ‘Metro to start from Miyapur’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
30-10-2017 ‘Metro corridors urban rejuvenation work on war footing’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
30-10-2017 ‘ Metroplex - what a wonder !’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
30-10-2017 Work in top gear at Metro Rail Stations Telangana Today
30-10-2017 Metro war room operation ready Telangana Today
30-10-2017 Street-level work below the metro stations picks up pace The Hindu
29-10-2017 ‘It is time for Metro’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
29-10-2017 ‘Two loco pilots in each train’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
28-10-2017 ‘Mini Airport..Metro station’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
28-10-2017 ‘Journalists request free ride on Metro Rail’- (Telugu) Mana Telangana
28-10-2017 ‘30 km in 45 min’- (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
27-10-2017 'I am happy...Metro is excellent' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
27-10-2017 'I am happy that Metro has become a reality' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
27-10-2017 'Appreciations to Metro project works' - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
27-10-2017 'I am happy at the inauguration of Metro' - (Telugu) Eenadu
27-10-2017 'Metro Man visits HMR' - (Telugu) Manam
27-10-2017 'Metro Man appreciates NVS Reddy' - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
27-10-2017 'Please provide free travel facility in Metro' - (Telugu) Sakshi
27-10-2017 '​Metro guru Sreedharan visits HMR' - (Telugu) Sakshi
27-10-2017 'Sreedharan visits Metro Bhavan' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
27-10-2017 Metro Man Visits Metro Rail Bhavan Deccan Chronicle
27-10-2017 Metro Man Visits HMR Bhavan Telangana Today
27-10-2017 'Metro Man of India' reviews progress of HMR The Hans India
26-10-2017 ‘ One metro station..two foot over bridges’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
26-10-2017 ‘Beautification of Metro Rail station surroundings’ – (Telugu) Eenadu
26-10-2017 ‘ Metro Rail gets green award’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
26-10-2017 17 Metro stations eco-friendly Telangana Today
26-10-2017 Platinum award for Metro rail stations The Hindu
25-10-2017 ‘Ameerpet interchange station nearing to completion’- (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
25-10-2017 ‘Greenery for footpaths’- (Telugu) Eenadu
25-10-2017 ‘Metro mega malls ready’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
24-10-2017 HMR to build 40 toilets at 20 sations Telangana Today
24-10-2017 Metro work picks up pace, safety tests on The Times of India
23-10-2017 ‘Metro Rail is Crown Jewel of Hyderabad’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
23-10-2017 ‘Safety of Metro entrusted to Police department’- (Telugu) Eenadu
23-10-2017 ‘Nagole to Miyapur in 45 min’ – (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
23-10-2017 HMR set for longest inaugural run Telangana Today
22-10-2017 ‘ Aramghar construction awsome’ – (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
22-10-2017 ‘Inspection of Aramghar building’ – (Telugu) Sakshi
22-10-2017 HMR MD inspects Sainik Aramghar work Telangana Today
21-10-2017 ‘Metro Rail is Crown Jewel of Hyderabad’ – (Telugu) Telugu Times
21-10-2017 '​​Telangana Culture and tradition on Metro Pillars' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
21-10-2017 '​​Aaramghar works at fast pace'- (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
21-10-2017 '​​Aramghar inspection' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
21-10-2017 Woman engg grads to steer Metro trains The Hans India
21-10-2017 Mettuguda to Begumpet Metro ready for trial run The Times of India
19-10-2017 'Awesome...Amazing' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
19-10-2017 '​​​With perfect coordination' - (Telugu) Eenadu
19-10-2017 '​​Metro Rytu Bazaar Soon' - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
18-10-2017 '​CBTC and OCC technology in Metro' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
18-10-2017 'A green carpet welcome to the pedestrians' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
18-10-2017 The driving force of Metro Rail Telangana Today
17-10-2017 'Time to Chugg' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
17-10-2017 Metro Rail aims at foolproof security Telangana Today
16-10-2017 'Metro under complete safety ' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
16-10-2017 'No Vacancy' - (Telugu) Sakshi
16-10-2017 'No Vacancy' - (Telugu) Sakshi
15-10-2017 'Metro works to be completed in 10 days ' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
15-10-2017 'Interchange station reaches final stage of construction' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
15-10-2017 'Final touches at a fast pace' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
15-10-2017 'Final touches on fast track' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
15-10-2017 HMR cautions job aspirants against fake recruitments Telangana Today
15-10-2017 Fraudsters dupe youth in name of Metro jobs The Times of India
14-10-2017 'Trial Run' - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
14-10-2017 'Metro tests and Runs' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
14-10-2017 'Metro Rail Ready - PM gives the nod for inauguration ' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
14-10-2017 'Metro Rail Ready' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
14-10-2017 PMO Seeks Metro Rail Details Telangana Today
13-10-2017 'Metro chugs till Begumpet' - (Telugu) Eenadu
10-10-2017 '​Metro works complete till Begumpet' - (Telugu) Sakshi
10-10-2017 '​Metro works complete till Begumpet' - (Telugu) Sakshi
10-10-2017 'Metro to curb pollution' - (Telugu) Eenadu
10-10-2017 'Green signal for Metro trial run between Mettuguda-Begumpet' - (Telugu) Eenadu
10-10-2017 Metro trial run soon till Begumpet Deccan Chronocle
10-10-2017 A section of Hyderabad Metro ready for trial run Business Line
08-10-2017 'Metro card to offer 16 multiple services' - (Telugu) Eenadu
05-10-2017 'Progress of Metro beautification works at various stages' - (Telugu) Eenadu
04-10-2017 CM wants HMR to connect a bigger Shamshabad airport Deccan chronicle
04-10-2017 KCR pitches for metro link to airport , another runway The Times of India
03-10-2017 Focus on crowd dispersal at HMR stations Telangana Today
03-10-2017 ‘Harmless Metro stations ’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
03-10-2017 ‘Widening of footpaths at Metro stations for ease of commuters’- (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
03-10-2017 HMR to widen footpaths The Hindu
03-10-2017 ‘Metro stations are harmless ’- (Telugu) Sakshi
03-10-2017 ‘Footpaths at Metro stations to be widened’- (Hindi) Hindi Milap
03-10-2017 ‘Widening of footpaths at Metro stations’- (Telugu) Eenadu
03-10-2017 ‘Footpaths to be widened at Metro station’- (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
02-10-2017 ‘Ameerpet interchange station works are going at brisk pace’ – (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
30-09-2017 Metro to start trail runs soon Telangana Today
30-09-2017 ‘Metro stations inspected by CP Hyderabad; MD HMRL & CP Cyberabad’ - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
30-09-2017 ‘Metro stations inspected by CP Hyderabad & CP Cyberabad’ - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
28-09-2017 ‘Bathukamma celebrations at Metro Rail Bhavan’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
28-09-2017 ‘Bathukamma celebrations at Metro Rail Bhavan’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
28-09-2017 ‘Bathukamma celebrations at Metro Rail Bhavan’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
27-09-2017 ‘Metro rail multi level parking complex’- (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
27-09-2017 An engineering innovation and urban redesign opportunity Financial Express
26-09-2017 ‘Cool travel’- (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
26-09-2017 ‘All piers erected from Miyapur to LB Nagar’- (Telugu) Eenadu
24-09-2017 ‘Metro station all in one’- (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
24-09-2017 ‘Metro Rail to set records’- (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
23-09-2017 ‘Beautification of Metro stations’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
23-09-2017 ‘Modern amenities to women and children in Metro Rail’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
23-09-2017 ‘Hyderabad Metro Rail is world’s largest PPP project’- (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
23-09-2017 ‘World’s largest PPP project is Hyderabad Metro Rail’- (Telugu) Eenadu
23-09-2017 Top notch facilities at HMR:NVS Reddy Telangana Today
22-09-2017 ‘Metro to be completed by 2018’- (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
22-09-2017 ‘Our Metro is smart’- (Telugu) Sakshi
22-09-2017 ‘We can ride the Metro train by November 20th ‘- (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
22-09-2017 ‘Metro Rail ready’- (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
22-09-2017 ‘KTR inspects Metro Rail works’- (Hindi) Hindi Milap
22-09-2017 Smart cards , mini buses to beat commutings blues The Hans India
22-09-2017 "KTR Reviwes Metro,vows Nov inaugural" The Times of India
21-09-2017 'MD, HMRL inspects Erragadda Metro station'- (Telugu) Eenadu
21-09-2017 Hyderabad Metro trial runs to begin next month Business Line
20-09-2017 'Keep Bus bays available at Metro stations: Chief Secretary'-(Telugu) Eenadu
20-09-2017 'Metro trial run in October' - (Telugu) Sakshi
20-09-2017 HMR to commence trial runs after Oct 15 Telangana Today
20-09-2017 Metro trial run to Ameerpet, Begumpet after Oct 15 The Hindu
19-09-2017 'Sophisticated Metro stations'- (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
18-09-2017 ‘Care of Metro pillar’- (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
18-09-2017 ‘Metro Pillar No. A 450’- (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
18-09-2017 ‘Metro piers to have GPS & unique numbering’- (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
18-09-2017 ‘Metro pillars to give address’- (Telugu) Eenadu
18-09-2017 ‘Metro piers to indicate address’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
18-09-2017 Metro Pillers to be linked to Google maps Indian Express
18-09-2017 Numbering for Metro Rail pillers Planed Telangana Today
18-09-2017 Unique numbering for metro rail pillers The Hindu
17-09-2017 ‘Miyapur newlook’- (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
17-09-2017 ‘Awards galore before Metro begins’- (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
17-09-2017 When Travel becomes seamless The Hindu
16-09-2017 'Automatic parking in Metro stations' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
16-09-2017 'Public transportation system to get integrated with Metro Rail' - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
16-09-2017 HMR focus on integration The Times of India
14-09-2017 'Train behind the Train' - (Telugu) Eenadu
14-09-2017 'Bridge on Bridge' - (Telugu) Eenadu
12-09-2017 'October 15, deadline for two corridors' - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
12-09-2017 'NVS Reddy inspects Metro works' - (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
12-09-2017 'Safety Certification by November 15:Metro Rail' - (Telugu) Eenadu
12-09-2017 'Metro construction with quality parameters' - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
12-09-2017 ‘Metro will beautify the historic city' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
12-09-2017 ‘Metro's bounty to the cit'y beauty' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
12-09-2017 ‘Next is the journey' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
12-09-2017 ‘Nagole-Ameerpet works will be complete by October 15' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
12-09-2017 Cut short your travel time, take the Metro Telangana Today
12-09-2017 Huge Oliphant ROB on track:HMRL The Hans India
12-09-2017 'Single Card For Metro Passengers' The Hindu
12-09-2017 'Metro Sets Own Deadline:oct 15' The Times of India
11-09-2017 ‘Metro Train over the Train' - (Telugu) Eanaadu
10-09-2017 ‘Metro on fast track' - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
10-09-2017 ‘Bihar Dy CM travels in Hyderabad Metro Train' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
10-09-2017 'Bicycle stations in Metro stations' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
10-09-2017 ‘In Metro Rail Bhavan...' - (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
10-09-2017 ‘MD, HMRL pays tributes to Sri Kaloji' - (Telugu) Eanaadu
10-09-2017 ‘In Metro Rail Bhavan...' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
10-09-2017 ‘MD, HMRL pays tributes to Sri Kaloji' - (Telugu) Sakshi
10-09-2017 ‘Full Metro Service from the Day Of Launch Eanaadu
08-09-2017 ‘The Dream Train is approaching' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
08-09-2017 ‘Modi Sir, please inaugurate Metro Rail' - (Telugu) Eanaadu
08-09-2017 ‘Metro at fast pace' - (Telugu) Eanaadu
08-09-2017 ‘Metro getting ready' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
08-09-2017 ‘Its time to chugg' - (Telugu) Sakshi
08-09-2017 ‘Metro to chugg on Nov 28' Telangana Today
08-09-2017 ‘HMR Gears Up For Big Day' Telangana Today
08-09-2017 ‘KCR invites PM to inaugurate first phase of metro rail' The Hindu
08-09-2017 ‘Hope Rides on Mana Metro after 8yr's The Times of India
03-09-2017 HMRL bags several awards Telangana Today
03-09-2017 Steel marvel drawing attention Telangana Today
03-09-2017 ‘Metro bags six awards' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
03-09-2017 ‘Metro bags six awards for conserving environment' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
03-09-2017 ‘Metro electrification at a fast pace' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
03-09-2017 ‘The largest station, the ultra modern' - (Telugu) Eenadu
03-09-2017 ‘Metro bags six awards for greenery' - (Telugu) Eenadu
30-08-2017 ‘The links are bonded' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
27-08-2017 ‘NVS Reddy inspects Metro corridors' - (Telugu) The Hindu
27-08-2017 Overflow of rainwater from Metro viaducts to be plugged The Hindu
27-08-2017 'NVS Reddy inspects Metro corridors' - (Telugu) Sakshi
25-08-2017 Hyderabad gets ready for a 10,000- cr transformation Business Line
25-08-2017 Hyderabad gets ready for a 10,000- cr transformation Business Line
23-08-2017 ‘Traders JAC submits request on issues ' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
23-08-2017 ‘Request for laying new roads in Metro corridors' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
20-08-2017 HMR places mammoth steel bridge Telangana Today
20-08-2017 ‘​Oliphant steel bridge launched' - (Telugu)​ Namaste Telangana
20-08-2017 ‘Built in just 10 days' - (Telugu) Eenadu
20-08-2017 ‘Built in record time, Metro steel bridge is an engineering wonder' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
20-08-2017 ‘​A wonder unveiled' - (Telugu)​ Mana Telangana
16-08-2017 ‘Jana Gana Mana-Metro celebrates Independence Day' - (Telugu) Sakshi
16-08-2017 ‘Metro becoming a reality' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
16-08-2017 City celebrates I-Day with a gusto Telangana Today
16-08-2017 Hard work ahead to get two metro stretches open. The Hindu
16-08-2017 Metro steel bridge moves closer to target The Hindu
14-08-2017 ‘Ameerpet to be the centre of Metro Corridors' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
14-08-2017 ‘Metro is approaching' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
14-08-2017 ‘Metro to chugg in November' - (Telugu) Sakshi
14-08-2017 30 - KM Metro stretch by Nov Telangana Today
07-08-2017 Begumpet metro rail overbridge completed The Hindu
07-08-2017 ‘ Construction of Metro interchange station' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
04-08-2017 ‘ ‘Metro Rail works at Top Speed' - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
31-07-2017 ‘National Record in ROB construction' - (Telugu) Eenadu
31-07-2017 ‘Malakpet Metro ROB record' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
31-07-2017 Metro builds Malakpet overbridge in 25 days Deccan Chronicle
31-07-2017 Engineering Marvel Telangana Today
31-07-2017 Metro sets new record Telangana Today
31-07-2017 HMRL completes huge chunk of rail-over-bridge in record time The TIMES OF INDIA
30-07-2017 ‘Road Widening on priority' - (Telugu) Sakshi
30-07-2017 ‘Focus on Junction improvements' - (Telugu) Surya
30-07-2017 Officials stress road widening Telangana Today
30-07-2017 ‘Authorities undertake Road widening checks' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
26-07-2017 ‘ Metro..The Crown jewel of Hyderabad ' - (Telugu) Eenadu
25-07-2017 MD, HMRL, NVS Reddy conducted a review meeting with HMRL engineers and contractors to review urban rejuvenation and landscaping works at metro rail stations in corridor-III from Miyapur to SR Nagar The TIMES OF INDIA
25-07-2017 Green buffers at Metro piers Telangana Today
17-07-2017 ‘ Beautification works to complete in four months' - (Telugu) Eenadu
17-07-2017 ‘Urban rejuvenation works to be completed in four months' - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
17-07-2017 ‘Rejuvenation and landscaping works are crucial - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
17-07-2017 Metro plans game zone Telangana Today
17-07-2017 Bicycle stations under Metro staircase The Hindu
17-07-2017 ‘Instructions to rejuvenate Metro corridors within four months' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
14-07-2017 Haritaharam activity at Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited Namaste Telangana
14-07-2017 ‘Linking for Chugging' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
13-07-2017 ‘Coronation of the Twin Cities' - (Telugu) Eenadu
13-07-2017 ‘The Green Carnival' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
13-07-2017 HMR to Plant 5 lakh plants The Hindu
13-07-2017 ‘Plantation by MD, HMRL Mr. NVS Reddy' - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
13-07-2017 Metro Rail to plant 5 lakh ornamental and avenue saplings' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
10-07-2017 ‘Model showing solar panels and electric vehicles integrating with Metro Rail stations' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
10-07-2017 ‘Facilities in Metro stations' - (Telugu) Eenadu
10-07-2017 ‘Model showing solar panels and electric vehicles integrating with Metro Rail stations' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
10-07-2017 ‘Facilities in Metro stations' - (Telugu) Eenadu
09-07-2017 ‘Path Cleared' - (Telugu) Sakshi
09-07-2017 ‘Metro ROB completed' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
09-07-2017 Metro miracle: Critical Begumpet link in place The TIMES OF INDIA
09-07-2017 ‘Metro ROB over Railway Station' - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
09-07-2017 Tricky ROB finally sees light Telangana Today
09-07-2017 Metro Rail accomplishes mission impossible. The Hans INDIA
05-07-2017 ‘Metro gets 17 more months for completion of work' - (Telugu) Eenadu
05-07-2017 Hyderabad gets 17 months more to complete project Telangana Today
05-07-2017 Metro rail project gets extension till Nov-2018 The TIMES OF INDIA
04-07-2017 ‘CS conducts Special Task Force Meeting' - (Telugu) Eenadu
04-07-2017 ‘Get Metro onto the tracks:Chief Secretary' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
04-07-2017 Chief Secretary SP Singh reviewing the progress of Hyderabad Metro Rail works during STF Meeting The TIMES OF INDIA
02-07-2017 ‘Metro Rail MD term extended by one year' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
02-07-2017 ‘Metro Rail MD term extended by one year' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
02-07-2017 ‘State Government issues orders extending the term of MD, HMRL NVS Reddy'-(Telugu) Nava Telangana
02-07-2017 Metro Rail Corporation MD N.V.S. Reddy's term extended by one more year by telangana government Deccan Chronicle
02-07-2017 N.V.S.Reddy gets one-year extension The Hindu
02-07-2017 Extension for MD Telangana Today
20-06-2017 Inter-dept. panel for safety along Metro corridors The Hindu
20-06-2017 HMRL panel to check mishaps Telangana Today
20-06-2017 ‘Special committee to conduct a study on curbing accidents in Metro corridors' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
20-06-2017 ‘Special committee to conduct a study on curbing accidents in Metro corridors' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
15-06-2017 HMRL is charging up city for electric mobility Deccan Chronicle
15-06-2017 HMRL intensifies monsoon works on different stretches Telangana Today
14-06-2017 HMR to take up drain repair The Hindu
14-06-2017 Complete storm water drain works Metro Rail MD to officials The Hans India
14-06-2017 ‘Metro to get ready in six months' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
14-06-2017 ‘Measures to avoid water logging' - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
14-06-2017 ‘Resolve travel woes in the Metro corridors:NVS Reddy' - (Telugu) Sakshi
14-06-2017 ‘Construction of storm water drains to avoid water logging is primary task along the Metro Rail corridors' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
14-06-2017 ‘To ease out storm water flow' - (Telugu) Eenadu
14-06-2017 ‘Hefty penalty to the builder' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
13-06-2017 HMR rebuilds schools demolished for Metro proves Medha wrong. After 5yrs, Medha gets reply Deccan Chronicle
13-06-2017 ‘Golden glitters' - (Telugu) Eenadu
11-06-2017 ‘There is no stoppage in Metro works:NVS Reddy' - (Telugu) Sakshi
11-06-2017 N.V.S. Reddy says work relating to Metro Rail up to 82% completed, nod from railway safety authority received Deccan Chronicle
11-06-2017 ‘Take proper action to avoid water logging at Metro stations' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
10-06-2017 ‘We have succeeded in land acquisitions for Metro Rail:NVS Reddy' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
10-06-2017 Alternative approaches to land acquisition discussed The Hans India
10-06-2017 ‘82% of Metro Rail works are complete' - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
10-06-2017 ‘We have overcome hurdles' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
06-06-2017 ‘One single charging lasts for a travel upto100 km' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
06-06-2017 ‘Let's transform into a zero pollution city' - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
06-06-2017 ‘All of us should participate in protecting the environment' - (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
03-06-2017 Telangana Formation Day celebrations The Times of India
03-06-2017 ‘Formation Day celebrations in Metro Rail bhavan, Begumpet' - (Telugu) Eenadu
03-06-2017 Cultural programmes, runs and flag hoisting dominated the festive mood as the state turned three on Friday. The Hans India
03-06-2017 ‘Jai ho Telangana' - (Telugu) Sakshi
03-06-2017 ‘Metro works gain momentum in the new state' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
21-05-2017 Blood spilled on pillars: Awareness drive soon The Times of India
21-05-2017 ‘Steel bridge to supplement Metro' - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
19-05-2017 It's an ironic move for Oliphant bridge Deccan Chronicle
18-05-2017 Beating the traffic blues The Hindu
18-05-2017 ‘Iron bridge' - (Telugu) Eenadu
18-05-2017 ‘Spellbounding Metro structures' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
17-05-2017 ‘Metro tops the usage of technology' - (Telugu) Sakshi
17-05-2017 ‘New discoveries are necessary to enhance living standards-MD, HMRL NVS Reddy' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
17-05-2017 ‘Hyderabad Metro Rail project is environment friendly - NVS Reddy' - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
17-05-2017 Metro rail will make Hyd green city The Hans India
16-05-2017 ‘Metro Rail will change the living style of the denizens-MD, HMRL NVS Reddy' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
16-05-2017 ‘Metro will chugg shortly' - (Telugu) Sakshi
16-05-2017 ‘Metro construction by overcoming many challenges-MD, HMRL NVS Reddy' - (Telugu) Eenadu
14-05-2017 Metro Rail to dissuade private transport parking at stations The Hindu
14-05-2017 HMR feeder buses for old city Telangana Today
13-05-2017 Host of facilities under one roof Telangana Today
08-05-2017 Metro Facilities Sakshi
08-05-2017 'Metro to be Eco-Friendly' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
07-05-2017 ‘​Metro Stations to provide Modern Facilities' (Telugu)​ Andhra Jyothi
07-05-2017 3-tier security force for Metro Deccan Chronicle
07-05-2017 Metro Stations to have Raahgiri tracks Deccan Chronicle
07-05-2017 L&T seeks more time for roll-out of Metro The Times of India
07-05-2017 Metro to go eco-friendly Telangana Today
07-05-2017 Parking at 32 locations Sakshi
07-05-2017 In three corridors L&TMRHL wants deadline for Metro Rail works to be extended New-Indian-Express
07-05-2017 Metro Will be ready by July Namasthe Telangana
07-05-2017 Metro to change the shape of the city Hindi Milap
07-05-2017 Metro to have E-Car chargers Deccan Chronicle
07-05-2017 Metro - Crown Jewel of Hyderabad Namste Telangana
06-05-2017 ‘​Metro stations to have some more facilities' (Telugu)​ Andhra Jyothi
04-05-2017 ‘​Not a hindrance but a protection during hazards' (Telugu)​ Eenadu (2)
04-05-2017 ‘MD, HMRL NVS Reddy​ presenting bouquet to H.E. the Governor of TN and AP Mr. ESL Narasimhan' (Telugu)​ Eenadu (1)
04-05-2017 ‘​Parking space at 32 Metro stations finalised' (Telugu)​ Sakshi
04-05-2017 ‘​Better parking facilities in Metro stations' (Telugu)​ Namaste Telangana
03-05-2017 'MD, HMRL NVS Reddy's interaction with prestigious magazine' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
02-05-2017 'The beauty of Metro at the onset of the day' (Telugu) Eenadu
30-04-2017 HMRL to create permanent space for Raahgiri Indian Express
30-04-2017 Encroachments to be cleared Telangana Today
30-04-2017 'Metro construction at International standards:NVS Reddy' (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
30-04-2017 ‘Inspection of Metro works' (Telugu) Nava Telangana
30-04-2017 ‘Epitome of Beauty' (Telugu) Sakshi
30-04-2017 ‘Metro on a Metro' (Telugu) Eenadu
14-04-2017 ‘Checking water wastage..Curbing shortage' (Telugu) Eenadu
08-04-2017 ‘We need Metro services' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
08-04-2017 ‘Measures to avoid cracks on walls' (Telugu) Eenadu
07-04-2017 ‘Metro will reduce travel woes' (Telugu) Eenadu
02-04-2017 Metro Rail work to pick up case in Ameerpet and Nampally The Hindu
02-04-2017 SC breather for HMR in land case Telangana Today
02-04-2017 ‘Hurdles cleared for the completion of Metro corridor' (Telugu) Eenadu
01-04-2017 ‘Acquire Land and resume Metro Works' (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
15-03-2017 HMR's first parking Complex at Nampally Telangana Today
15-03-2017 ‘Beautification of Footpaths along Metro Corridors’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
14-03-2017 ‘Rs. 200 crore budget for Metro Rail project’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
14-03-2017 ‘Metro Rail is on fast track’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
13-03-2017 Central Unified Metro Rail Bill draft ready The Hindu
07-03-2017 ‘Metro Aesthetics...HMR will change the outlook of the city’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
05-03-2017 Metro: L&T gets more time Telangana Today
05-03-2017 Metro deadline to be extended to July 2018 The Hindu
05-03-2017 ‘The steel over bridge will become a landmark’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
05-03-2017 ‘Metro will be completed by next year’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
05-03-2017 ‘Metro to chugg in June’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
05-03-2017 ‘Metro services to start this year only’ - (Telugu) Eenadu (2)
05-03-2017 ‘Metro ROB is getting ready’ - (Telugu) Eenadu (2)
05-03-2017 ‘Metro will chugg this year only’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana (1)
05-03-2017 ‘Metro services to commence in a year’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana (2)
05-03-2017 ‘Metro will chugg this year only’ - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
05-03-2017 ‘Metro to chugg on June 02nd’ - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
27-02-2017 Metro trials on fast track Telangana Today
26-02-2017 Snaking its way The Hindu
23-02-2017 Metro Rail office shifts to Begumpet Telangana Today
23-02-2017 ‘HMRL office inaugurated in Begumpet’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
23-02-2017 ‘Metro Rail office moves to corporate building in Begumpet’ - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
23-02-2017 ‘Metro office moves to Begumpet’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
23-02-2017 ‘Metro Corporate Office inaugurated’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
23-02-2017 ‘Metro office moves to new building in Begumpet’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
23-02-2017 ‘MD, HMRL Mr NVS Reddy addressing staff at the inauguration of Metro Corporate office in Begumpet’ - (Urdu) The Siasat
22-02-2017 ‘Metro, ornament of the city ' (Telugu) Eenadu
18-02-2017 ‘Youth should not become blind followers:NVS ’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
18-02-2017 ‘Make impossible possible:NVS Reddy’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana (1)
18-02-2017 ‘Metro services at the committed time’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana (2)
18-02-2017 ‘Metro to chugg in June:NVS Reddy’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
18-02-2017 ‘Passion to reach targets makes impossible possible:NVS Reddy’ - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
18-02-2017 Students exhorted to set high goals The Hans India
18-02-2017 The experience of Hyderabad Metro The Times of India
18-02-2017 2 Metro corridors this year : HMR MD Deccan Chronicle
09-02-2017 ‘A Beautiful Path’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
09-02-2017 ‘Before & After’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
02-02-2017 ‘States will benefit with new policies:NVS Reddy’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
02-02-2017 Unified Metro Rail Act takes cue from Hyd PPP model to dodge legal hurdles The Times of India
01-02-2017 'KTR releases Urban Bytes book' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
01-02-2017 Samantha face of TS handlooms The Hans India
01-02-2017 ‘Samantha named as brand ambassador for handlooms’ - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
01-02-2017 ‘Samantha named as brand ambassador for handlooms’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
19-01-2017 Notice Board - Corporate associate diary The Financial Express
16-01-2017 ‘Officials inspect Metro Rail construction works’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
16-01-2017 ‘Metro to chugg in June’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
16-01-2017 ‘Metro to chugg on June 02nd’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
16-01-2017 ‘All facilities for Metro commuters’ - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
16-01-2017 ‘Can Metro services be extended till Begumpet’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
16-01-2017 Metro Rail- Two stretches to be finished by mid-2017 Indian Express
16-01-2017 Nagole-Begumpet metro to start soon Telangana Today
16-01-2017 Officials inspect Metro Rail works from Nagole to Begumpet The Hindu
13-01-2017 ‘Invocation for Development of Greater Hyderabad’ - (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
13-01-2017 Work in perfect tandem: KTR to MAUD officials The Hans India
12-01-2017 ‘Metro's milestone’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
11-01-2017 ‘Instructions to speed up acquisitions for Metro’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
11-01-2017 ‘Complete Metro works on a faster pace:CS’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
11-01-2017 ‘CS reviews progress of Metro works’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
11-01-2017 CS urges HMR to complete works by year-end The Hans India
11-01-2017 Sultan Bazaar road widening soon for Metro Rail The Hindu
10-01-2017 ‘Metro Rail chugging in trial runs on Miyapur-LB Nagar stretch’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
07-01-2017 Realty sector set to stage a comeback Telangana Today
05-01-2017 ‘Metro miracle in Chilkalguda junction’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
05-01-2017 ‘Metro special attraction at Chilkalguda junction’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
03-01-2017 ‘MD, HMRL Mr. NVS Reddy addressing engineers and staff during New Year celebrations on Monday (02.01.2017)’ - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
02-01-2017 'SP Singh is the new Chief Secretary’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
02-01-2017 S.P. Singh is new Chief Secretary The Hindu
02-01-2017 Corridors of power - A no non-sense officer The Hindu
31-12-2016 75 percent of Metro works have been completed:MD, HMRL Mr. NVS Reddy Sakshi
32-12-2016 Snaking its way through Telangana Today
28-12-2016 An eventful year for Metro Rail Telangana Today
28-12-2016 Major breakthroughs this year aside, more challenges ahead for HMR The Hindu
28-12-2016 ‘Metro expenditure in this year is Rs. 2,902 crores’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
21-12-2016 ‘CM is observing’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
21-12-2016 ‘Complete Land Acquisitions’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
21-12-2016 ‘Directions to Complete Land Acquisition faster’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
21-12-2016 Metro rail project gathers steam Telangana Today
21-12-2016 Hyderabad Metro Rail picks up steam The Hans India
21-12-2016 Metro deadline: Land acquisition to pick up pace The Times of India
20-12-2016 ‘All the Metro Trains have arrived’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
14-12-2016 ‘Uber Bike sharing services in launched in Hyderabad’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
14-12-2016 ‘UberMOTO in Hyderabad’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
14-12-2016 ‘Telangana is growing into a progressive State’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
14-12-2016 ‘Uber launches UberMOTO services’ - (Urdu) The Rehnuma-e-Deccan
14-12-2016 Metro, Uber tie up to help commuters Deccan Chronicle
14-12-2016 Now, book a bike for swift, cheap ride The Times of India
12-12-2016 Metro gathers pace, may roll out by March The Times of India
05-12-2016 ‘6 RoBs in 3 corridors' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyoti
02-12-2016 ‘Continental Hospitals Mobile App and e-Library launched' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyoti
02-12-2016 ‘Let us protect our environment from pollution : MD, HMR Mr. NVS Reddy' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
02-12-2016 ‘Pollution check system similar to the Tokyo Model’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
02-12-2016 'Metro will Zoom' - (Telugu) Sakshi
02-12-2016 'Enjoy Cycling...Live Healthy' - (Telugu) Sakshi
01-12-2016 ‘Step up the pace of works' - (Telugu) Eenadu
01-12-2016 ‘Avoid delays and complete works' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
01-12-2016 ‘Complete Metro Rail works as soon as possible : KCR’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
01-12-2016 Speed up Metro rail works, KCR directs officials The Hans India
01-12-2016 Full support to Metro Rail for early completion: CM The Hindu
28-11-2016 ‘Metro overcomes RoB related hurdles' - (Telugu) Eenadu
28-11-2016 ‘Ultramodern...Multifaceted' - (Telugu) Sakshi
22-11-2016 ‘Skywalk from Metro station-For a safe tread’ - (Telugu) Namasthe Telangana
22-11-2016 Tough job this The Hindu
19-11-2016 ‘Joint inspection of Begumpet Metro station’ - (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
19-11-2016 ‘Specially committee to give suggestions on Begumpet Metro station’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
19-11-2016 Begumpet metro station to have special design The Hindu
15-11-2016 ‘Nagole-Mettuguda Metro stretch to commence in June-July 2017’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
15-11-2016 ‘Railways agree for construction of 6 RoBs in Nagole-Begumpet stretch’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
15-11-2016 ‘Obstacles cleared for Metro progress’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
15-11-2016 ‘Metro succeeds in acquiring Padmahamsa apartments’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
15-11-2016 'Padmahamsa' comes crumbling down for Metro Rail The Hindu
15-11-2016 Hurdles cleared for Metro Rail in Secunderabad. Times of India
12-11-2016 ‘Rs. 15 crore for road restoration works’ - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
12-11-2016 ‘70% of roads restored : MD, HMRL Mr. NVS Reddy' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
12-11-2016 ‘HMR restoring roads at fast pact’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
12-11-2016 Roads get better in Metro Rail corridor Deccan Chronicle
12-11-2016 HMRL road works near complete The Hans India
09-11-2016 ‘Metro commercial operation to commence either from Ugadi or 6th June, 2017’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
09-11-2016 ‘Metro operation from forthcoming Ugadi’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
09-11-2016 ‘Metro horn will be heard from Ugadi festival’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
09-11-2016 UN pat for Hyderabad Cycling Project The Hans India
09-11-2016 HBC seeks dedicated cycling tracks The Hindu
09-11-2016 2 Metro corridors to be functional by March Indian Express
20-10-2016 ‘An experimental way-Roads to withstand flood fury’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
19-10-2016 ‘Paving block..clearing traffic chokes’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
19-10-2016 ‘No compromise in quality’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
19-10-2016 ‘Inspection of paver block works’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
19-10-2016 ‘Road repairs along Metro corridors to be completed at brisk pace’ - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
19-10-2016 ‘Roads will be restored in a fortnight’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
19-10-2016 'KTR's suggestion for road restoration' (Hindi) Hindi Milap
19-10-2016 HMR offers 'western' solution for bad roads
HMR using 'pave block' solution for damaged roads
The Hans India
19-10-2016 HMR using paver blocks for sturdy roads The Hindu
14-10-2016 'Road restoration works at a cost of Rs. 20 crore along Metro corridors ' - (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
14-10-2016 ‘Paver blocks to absorb rain water’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
14-10-2016 ‘Road repairs in European way’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
14-10-2016 ‘Road restoration works along Metro corridors commenced’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
14-10-2016 'HMRL to spend Rs. 20 crore towards road repairs' Hindi Milap
14-10-2016 Metro Rail to spend 20cr on road repairs Deccan Chronicle
06-10-2016 ‘Daruvula Bandi-Peoples ballads in simplified language'- (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
06-10-2016 ‘Daruvula Bandi-Peoples ballads book release’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
01-10-2016 CAI expo opens in Hyderabad Business line
01-10-2016 The Hindu Business Line CAI 2016 gets under way The Hindu
20-09-2016 ‘Parking in 52 stations’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
20-09-2016 One Nation One Platform Business Standard
14-09-2016 ‘Each Metro pillar constructed in a record time of 5 days’ - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
11-09-2016 'Hyd Metro Rail gets Skoch Platinum Award’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
11-09-2016 Hyd Metro Rail gets Skoch award Metro India
28-08-2016 City expansion to decongest, stay competitive Times of India
27-08-2016 Metro commuters will need to walk Deccan Chronicle
17-08-2016 Mayor promises master plan for development The Hans India
16-08-2016 ‘ Fluttering of the Tri Colour ' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
16-08-2016 ‘ The Tri Colour enchants City ’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
16-08-2016 ‘ CREDAI Hyderabad property show culminates ’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
16-08-2016 ‘ All regions will be developed : Mayor ’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
16-08-2016 Systematic, structured urbanisation vital Metro India
16-08-2016 Metro Rail The Hindu
14-08-2016 HMRL to collaborate with Delhi Metro Indian Express
13-08-2016 ‘ Progress in Metro Phase II ’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
13-08-2016 ‘ Progress in Metro Phase II ' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
13-08-2016 ‘ Study on Metro Phase II ’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
13-08-2016 HMRL MD NVS Reddy meets delhi metro MD to discuss metro link to RGIA The Times of India
13-08-2016 DMRC, HMR to team up for second phase of Metro The Hindu
8-08-2016 ‘ Chak de India ride 2 excellent ’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
8-08-2016 ‘ Shall we gear up for cycling ' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
8-08-2016 ‘ Chak de India ride 2 ’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
8-08-2016 ‘ Chak de India ride 2 flagged off ’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
8-08-2016 Make cycling a happy experience Metro India
8-08-2016 HMR to set up 300 bike stations in city soon The Hans India
8-08-2016 Chak de India 2 Ride - Emphasis laid on pollution-free transport The Hans India
5-08-2016 ‘300 Bike stations as part of environment protection plan’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
5-08-2016 ‘300 Bike stations along Metro corridors’ - (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
5-08-2016 ‘Model bike station ready by September’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
5-08-2016 ‘Electronic bicycles in Metro stations' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
5-08-2016 ‘Hail the Bicycle rider’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
5-08-2016 ‘Public consensus on bike sharing’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
5-08-2016 Towards a pollution-free city Hans India
5-08-2016 300 bike stations to be set up for Metro Rail Indian Express
5-08-2016 German-made high-end bicycles, e-bikes for Metro passengers The Hindu
4-08-2016 ‘The photo does not pertain to Hyderabad Metro Project : KTR’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
4-08-2016 Metro Rail told to clear debris Deccan Chronicle
3-08-2016 ‘Metro construction works at fast pace’ - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
3-08-2016 ‘Corporate support necessary for public transportation’ - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
3-08-2016 ‘Difficult weave at 29 locations’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
3-08-2016 ‘City will be beautiful only with an efficient public transportation’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
3-08-2016 ‘Accelerate Metro works:Chief Secretary' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
3-08-2016 ‘Metro to give a new facelift to Hyderabad' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
3-08-2016 ‘Metro works take faster strides’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
3-08-2016 ‘Projects should satisfy needs of citizens’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
3-08-2016 Metro Rail will transform Hyderbad: HMR cheif The Hans India
3-08-2016 Citizen-centric cities need of the hour Metro India
3-08-2016 Post office holds up metro rail work The Hindu
3-08-2016 Corporate Buzz - Authorities review progress The Times of India
2-08-2016 ‘Transport plays an important role in city's development: NVS Reddy’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
1-08-2016 ‘There is no sanctity in social media report: NVS Reddy’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
31-07-2016 HMR trashes reports of cracks on Metro pillars The Times of India
31-07-2016 ‘Incorrect propaganda on Metro Rail is not correct’ - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
31-07-2016 ‘Metro is built with safe and secure technology' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
31-07-2016 No cracks in viaduct pier: Metro Rail MD Metro India
31-07-2016 HMR trashes reports of cracks on Metro pillars Times Of India
30-07-2016 ‘Construction of four police barracks at a cost of Rs. 25.50 crores’ - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
30-07-2016 ‘Police barracks ready' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
30-07-2016 ‘Tight security for Metro’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
30-07-2016 ‘Modern and sophisticated barracks for Police force’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
30-07-2016 ‘NVS Reddy and Mahender Reddy inspected progress of works of Police barracks’ - (Hindi) Hindi Milap
30-07-2016 HMRL building four police barracks Metro India
30-07-2016 HMR to hand over new police barracks at Goshamahal soon The Hindu
25-07-2016 'Success comes only with hardwork' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
25-07-2016 'Leadership qualities should be nurtured from childhood itself' - (Telugu) Eenadu
24-07-2016 'Globalisation is throwing new challenges to mankind' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothy
24-07-2016 ‘ACIDS' to prevent terrorist attacks - (Telugu) Eenadu
24-07-2016 'Hyderabad as a safe zone' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
24-07-2016 TS building state-of-art security to make Hyd safe city Metro India
24-07-2016 Hyderbad Metro has future-ready security features The Hindu
19-07-2016 ‘Footpaths to get a new look' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
16-07-2016 ‘Delegates from abroad meet MD, HMRL Mr. NVS Reddy' - (Telugu) Andhra Bhoomi
16-07-2016 ‘Team motivation key for Target achievement' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
16-07-2016 ‘Foreign delegates visit Hyderabad Metro Rail' - (Telugu) Nava Telangana
16-07-2016 ‘Foreign team admires Hyderabad Metro Rail’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
16-07-2016 Foreign team visits Metro Rail Metro India
16-07-2016 Metro Rail project overcame many hurdles, says N.V.S. Reddy The Hindu
12-07-2016 ‘Minister for MA&UD, IT and Industries, Mr. KT Rama Rao and MD, HMRL Mr. NVS Reddy along with school children in plantation programme on July 11, 2016' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
12-07-2016 ‘The power of determination..The pledge for Plantation’ - (Telugu) Eenadu
12-07-2016 ‘The Green Garland' - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
12-07-2016 HMDA initiative to plants fragrant, medicinal saplings The Hindu
11-07-2016 ‘Metro's plantation target is 1.20 lakhs: NVS Reddy' - (Telugu) Andhra Jyothi
11-07-2016 ‘Metro targets to plant 1.15 lakhs saplings ' - (Telugu) Namaste Telangana
11-07-2016 ‘MD, HMRL inspecting plantation locations’ - (Telugu) Sakshi
11-07-2016 HMRL on green drive The Hans India
9-07-2016 ‘Hyderabad Metro Rail partnering in Haritha Haaram' - (Telugu) Andhra Prabha
9-07-2016 ‘Plant trees to reduce global warming’ - (Telugu) Mana Telangana
9-07-2016 ‘Metro planting 1.15 lakh saplings on 11th July ' - (Telugu) Namaste T