Know Your Metro


Green & Equitable
Prioritisation of green spaces, open spaces and elevated Metro Rail mass transit system is going to be the hallmarks of a great city in the 21st century. HMR's concept for the city involves rejuvenation and redesigns traffic corridors and change the way people commute from one end to the other. The design is eco-friendly, consumes no fossil fuels, and the concept of each station being just one kilometre apart, brings Metro Rail on to the citizen's door step. Advanced technology has been harnessed to provide world class state of the art architecture with skywalks, and accessibility, making it convenient for all genders and age groups to access a larger part of the city.

Our Metro
The objective is to provide socio-economic benefits and equal opportunities in public spaces to all citizens. The ticket pricing is affordable, the journey time is reduced, and pollution is addressed by way of design, while elevated rails and platforms decongest the traffic. HMR is not just a Metro, but an urban rejuvenation effort, redesigned with the latest technology inputs, to transform Hyderabad into a people-friendly green city, Eco-friendly stations with natural ventilation, skywalks, ramps, escalators, elevators a host of commuter-friendly facilities, promotion of gender equality and women's empowerment results creation of employment opportunities and generation of many ancillary industries in & around Hyderabad.

All telecommunication facilities will be state-of-the-art, facilitating continuous communication between Central Control, train drivers and station masters.

Good intermodal integration will be provided at all rail terminals, bus stations, and MMTS stations; all stations will have air conditioned "Merry go round" minibus services, connecting nearby colonies, business establishments and other popular places. Eco-friendly travel mode – it will reduce air and noise pollution in the city smart card-based automatic ticketing & gate systems for passenger convenience and seamless travel.