Family values

How will HMR promote family values?

Accessible to all:

  • The focus of HMR will be on “equitable road space”, which allows those walking on the streets with their family members, as there would be adequate space to move around safely in the vicinity of the Metro.
  • The availability of public transport that is safe, quick, dust–free and devoid of pollution and noise will certainly encourage families to move out more frequently and HMR in this respect will prove a boon to furthering family values. Quality of life will improve a lot and togetherness will be promoted.
  • An eco-friendly transport will enhance well-being of the citizens. Families will be assured of robust health when they move out. As Less pollution levels would mean breathing fresh air
  • A mass commuter-friendly public transportation system would bring people together promote among citizens cohesiveness. HMR will certainly foster healthy interaction among the citizens.

Households to gain:

  • Those belonging to low-income groups will save a lot money once HMR arrives, as they would be able to travel long-distance at reasonable rates.
  • A rapid, pollution free, relaxed and devoid of outside pollutants and noise will certainly encourage youth, women, children and senior citizens to travel more confidently to their respective destinations.
  • Better accessibility to education facilities would mean that more people, who otherwise would hesitate to venture out, will avail of educational opportunities to improve their lifestyles. Women often hesitate to move out on account of lack of safety and with the arrival of HMR, the fear of stepping out of their houses would disappear. In fact, they would even take the bold step of taking up work outside their homes.
  • Economic standards will improve as more members, including the womenfolk will now be able to earn as they can travel far without facing daily hassles of traffic congestion and carbon pollutions. Why so? HMR will wipe away all worries that may appear in one’s mind while moving out of their homes such as – Will it be safe to travel? Will I face uncalled harassment while commuting? Will there be unnecessary delays?
  • It is, but obvious, that HMR is being introduced with the idea that it will promote healthy family life and values on which a fabric of a society much depends upon.