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How badly is Hyderabad city polluted, requiring Hyderabad Metro Rail ?

The increase in AQI does have an adverse effect on large percentage of the population. It is certainly difficult to ascertain this number in real time, as it involves monitoring accurate emissions, dispersion of pollutants much depending upon local meterology and also terrain for forecasting.

Air pollution has become a serious problem these days and transportation has added much to it. Hyderabad is also no exception to this problem. Industrial pollution, automobile pollution, commercial pollutants, and pollutants from manufacturing units and biomass combustion have definitely affected the overall well-being of the residents of Hyderabad. The impact of pollution on the health of Hyderabad city has affected productivity levels of the employed and business profits tend to go downhill on account of this.

One can appreciate the high level of pollution in Hyderabad by having cursory look at the New Delhi-based research and advocacy organization Center for Science and Environment (CSE) analysis of air-quality and transportation data in Hyderabad and has no doubt found increased levels of particulate matter (PM) pollution.