About HMR

Transportation in a metro city is a major issue for the Government of Telangana, and Hyderabad is not an exception to this rule. Keeping this in view, the Hyderabad Metro Rail is being developed as one of the largest modern transport systems in the world based upon the PPP model.

Forecasting the requirements of ensuring a well-modulated transport system, the Government of India has in its futuristic reform document focused upon a strategy that would promote fast- paced growth that would bring about equitable and sustainable improvements in the overall living standards of the citizens.

image The main idea behind the concept of Metro Rail is to make sure commuters reach on time to work and not delayed on account of lack of rapid transport. Growing urbanisations has led to innumerable problems for commuters who are delayed on account of traffic jams. Metro Rail will allow them to bypass these traffic congestion barriers.

The driving force for conceptualizing Metro Rail in Hyderabad is on account of a dire need for an eco-friendly, solid and quick transport that would withstand the growing demands of an urban city like Hyderabad which is on the way of becoming a popular global destination.

Hyderabad Metro Rail is indeed a major venture of the Government of Telangana as much efforts and resources are at stake in setting it up. Why so?

  • The project is estimated to cost ₹14, 132 crores.
  • Length of the proposed rail project is 72 KM, with stations located at every kilometre.
  • The project is expected to serve 3 "high density corridors" which have frequency of 3 to 5 minutes during - peak hours.
  • Collaboration will be on to integrate the Metro Rail with other public transport systems in Hyderabad such - as MMTS and RTC.

Indeed, for Hyderabadis, the Metro Rail will be a relief from carbon emission pollution. The technology adopted for Metro Rail construction is aimed at ensuring reduced fossil fuel, carbon credits reduction in vehicular operating costs and not but the least, attractive feature being, of course, reduced travel time. No worry for commuters about not reaching on time at their respective destinations and constantly having to look at their watches. Relaxed travel with reduced tensions is what Hyderabad Metro Rail will offer to commuters.

  • Less number of road accidents.
  • No travel stress or fatigue.
  • Reduces much dust as well as pollution.
  • Easily accessible to daily bus commuters and pedestrians.
  • Passengers can be dropped off and picked up conveniently.
  • Cost-effective price slab to suit common man’s pocket .

The focus will be on world class based, state-of-the-art conceptual station design, along with an "alignment exercise" to ensure that there is no damage done to the heritage structures and monuments, what-so-ever.