Truly, a ‘Modern’ Transport!

In the modern era, environment friendly policies, solutions and transport have become the mantra everywhere, due to more awareness and also a commitment to green and clean climate. It is our planet Earth, which has been identified so far as conducive for life due to ideal climatic conditions and other factors. But in the course of last few centuries, issues like unchecked industrialization, over-consumption of fossil fuels and global warming has led to greenhouse effect, affecting the mankind. This is also impacting the long-term sustainability of this planet.

Therefore, the need of the hour is environment friendly policies that reduces carbon emissions and protects the environment. In this regard, eco-friendly transport systems play an important role in addressing environmental pollution, especially in densely populated countries like India.

Why Hyderabad Metro?

  1. Hyderabad Metro Rail is considered a game changer with nil carbon emissions as the trains run on electricity rather than fossil fuels.
  2. Moreover, many innovative and one-of-its-kind technologies incorporated in the Metro rail project make it a highly efficient service.
  3. The advent of Metro rail in Hyderabad city, with Corridor I and a major stretch of Corridor III becoming operational, is inspiring private/individual vehicle owners to take up this public transport system, which is expected to have an overall positive effect by reducing pollution.
  4. Once fully operational, Hyderabad Metro Rail is expected to reduce carbon emissions by up to 3,100 tons a year. With reduction in vehicles, there will be less air pollution, and the overall quality of life also improves with clean air in the city.
  5. With metro rail passing through three arterial corridors, reduced traffic and less pollution will aid a sustainable Hyderabad.
  6. Hyderabad Metro Rail also emits negligible sound and air pollution. This is considered a radical change in terms of massive public transportation systems that carry lakhs of commuters.

With its first phase stretching for about 66 km across three corridors, Hyderabad Metro Rail is poised to create an overall positive impact, encouraging the denizens to take a ride on Metro rather than relying more on private cars and two-wheelers. Therefore, Metro rail project is being seen as a great step in the right direction towards a green future for the city, and a milestone project for a sustainable and clean environment.