Sustainable Transport, for a Sustainable Future

Hyderabad Metro Rail, is creating one milestone after the other as a modern and rapid transit system, transforming the concept of public transportation system in the city of Hyderabad. With lakhs of commuters going the ‘Metro’ way, the project is destined to make a great impact. The project, directly and indirectly supports sustainability, contributing for a green and clean environment, with many policy initiatives like:

  1. There is no sound and air pollution caused by the metro rail. It means there is almost nil emission of carbon, thereby helping the environment.
  2. With many commuters parking their vehicles at metro stations and embarking on the metro journey, it implies that the quantum of emissions by those vehicles will reduce considerably.
  3. The advent of metro is expected to reduce noise pollution and improve the air quality across the operational corridors.
  4. Metro authorities have already started generating renewable energy through solar panels at certain metro stations and efforts are on the way to augment the installed solar power capacity.
  5. By supporting tree plantation efforts across major thoroughfares, metro rail project is supporting enhancement of greenery in the city.
  6. With urban rejuvenation efforts, public spaces near metro stations are being spruced up with amenities and plantation of trees and ornamental plants, which is expected to have a beneficial effect in the vicinity.
  7. Hyderabad Metro Rail has tied up with Smart Bike, to provide an eco-friendly mode of travel for commuters to/from metro stations, under last mile connectivity initiative.
  8. The Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) has taken up a one-of-its-kind initiative of providing battery charging facilities for electric vehicles at all its stations, starting with Miyapur and Balanagar metro stations. The charging infrastructure is being provided at parking lots of the stations, which is part of the Hyderabad Metro's efforts towards providing eco-friendly green services.

With climate change becoming a reality, causing ripple effects across the globe, the need of the hour is environment friendly solutions and programs. Hyderabad metro, is clearly setting a new benchmark in this regard, with a wide range of measures.