Seamless Travel, A Reality with Metro!

Hyderabad Metro Rail is a transformative transit system that has changed the face of public transport in the city of Hyderabad, India. It is also a responsible entity, that has adhered to several policy initiatives, of the Central govt. and the state government of Telangana, particularly related to the lockdown and unlock initiatives to meet the challenge of Covid-19.

It is a fact that the pandemic of Covid-19 has taken a heavy toll on our health, economy and overall society. The occurrence of COVID-19 in India has necessitated radical measures by the government which includes a wide range of precautionary steps, containment measures and other comprehensive strategies as part of the lockdown and unlock guidelines to deal with this pandemic.

Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited is taking all the necessary precautions, lending its hand as a responsible player towards contributing for a safer transport with the operations resuming phase wase. In this regard, we have adopted various measures including cleaning the touch surface areas, coaches, escalators and elevators for preventing any possible outbreak of the viral infection, through the metro coaches and stations. More measures are being implemented including regular announcements about do’s and don’ts etc.

We are conducting regular awareness exercises and safety drills for our staff, who are our first line of interaction with commuters every day. Despite the pandemic, we are doing our best to operate services and at the same time we are committed to taking all foolproof measures to make sure that the commuters are safe. Commuters are actively encouraged to have a safe commute by making masks mandatory and strict social distancing guidelines. HMRL leaves no stone unturned to dedicate all the resources at its disposal to raise awareness and also to implement approved safety guidelines to keep the novel Coronavirus at bay whilst keeping the metro infrastructure sterile at all times.