Highest Emphasis on Safety & Security

Hyderabad Metro Rail, an asset for modern Hyderabad is transforming the way in which a public transportation system operates in Hyderabad city. The metro rail is growing quite popular among all age groups and different sections of the society. There are many facilities for specially challenged and visually impaired, endearing itself to commuters while women’s safety is always a topmost priority. Moreover, there are a wide range of measures taken by the metro authorities to provide you with a safe experience of travel.

The security policies and other related manuals are updated from time to time based on operational needs, feedback and any immediate needs, so that commuters riding Hyderabad Metro can have an assurance of secure travel. The provision of exclusive ladies only coaches in Hyderabad Metro is a step in the right direction. Strict action is taken against any unauthorized entry into these coaches. In the instance of any unauthorized entry into women-only coaches, there is swift reporting mechanism, using WhatsApp to inform the station controller of the approaching station so that the authorities can take action immediately. There is a dedicated WhatsApp number provided for reporting.

Round-the-clock CCTV surveillance of metro stations premises is an assurance of safety from Metro Rail, for the commuters. Metro rail authorities also maintain a constant vigil with CCTV surveillance in stations and coaches. During any emergency while on metro rail, commuters can quickly seek help by pressing the ‘Call’ button, placed in all metro coaches.

Luggage screening is carried out through scanning machines before embarking on metro while manual frisking is also carried out separately for both men and women. There are certain items banned for carrying during travel keeping in mind the overall safety. The concourse level and platform level are clearly separated with no unauthorized entry.

The metro tokens provided in the form of tickets as well as smart cards are mandatory to reach the platform level of stations by means of automated entry and exit. Therefore, this eliminates the possibility of miscreants or anti-social elements in gaining access to critical infrastructure as well as the platform area. There are security staff deployed everywhere, who monitor the stations and the public constantly to keep a strict vigil. Security staff ensure that commuters stay within the yellow line at platforms so that any untoward incidents can be prevented while boarding the train. Moreover, contingency plans and emergency manuals are all practiced and implemented during unforeseen situations, and the staff is well equipped to handle different emergencies as and when they arise.