This Festive Season, Gets Extra Special with Hyderabad Metro!

For those who have been looking forward to some exciting news, from Hyderabad Metro, here it is. This festive season, you can travel at throwaway ticket rates, around the city on the Hyderabad Metro!

The Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited (HMRL) has announced four fare discount options for passenger as part of the Metro Suvarna offer which takes into effect from October 17. The discounts which are on offer ranges from 40 per cent to 50 per cent based on the discount option chosen by the passengers.

The passengers will be able to avail the specified benefits only under a single scheme and they can make choice based on their requirements.

The flat 40 per cent offer is applicable on smart cards, as well as paper and digital QR payments, which the passengers can avail on every Metro trip. It is valid till October 31.
In the trip offer which can be availed only through smart card, passengers receive 50 per cent cash back based on the number of trips they select. Under this particular offer, passengers will pay for 14 trips and get the cash back for 20 trips (offer valid for a period of 30 days). If you pay for 20 trips, you then get 30 trips as cash back (valid for a period of 45 days) and those who pay for 40 trips, receive 60 trips as cash back (60 days validity).
For passengers who recharge the travel cards online, the recharge offer which they can avail on store value card is 50 per cent of the recharge value. In case, a passenger recharges for a sum of Rs.400, they get an extra Rs.200 value, which is valid for 75 days. This innovative scheme is all set to take effect from November 1.
If you are travelling regularly on the Metro, then there’s one more offer for you. Under the trip offer that can availed through the T-Savaari app, the passengers who pay for seven trips are entitled to three free trips. Similarly, for 14 trips, six trips are free (30 days validity). They can avail 10 free trips for 20 trips (45 days). This option is available for up to 60 trips (60 days validity) and will be in effect from November 1.

Considering the demand for metro rail passenger passes from commuters for a long time, the first-of-its-kind Metro Suvarna offer has been announced. Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited Managing Director, Sri. NVS Reddy expressed hope that passengers would avail these exclusive offers, for a safe and affordable transport option during the pandemic.