Hyderabad Metro Stations, The Pride of Modern Hyderabad

The sheer magnitude of the Hyderabad Metro rail project, along with its reputation, scale of construction and many other aspects has become the new brand image of Hyderabad. The project has won many awards already, with its planning and total capacity for carrying commuters.

For the people of Hyderabad, looking for an effective and long-term solution to mitigate the traffic issues and other transport related hassles, this project has definitely been a right step at the right time. It is a boon for the city, which is now looking at its future with hope and satisfaction.

Every aspect of Hyderabad Metro Rail, right from its viaducts, pillars, stations, and rolling stock involved accurate planning and conception. There are stations for roughly every 1 kilometer along its 66-kilometer-long stretch encompassing the three corridors of Hyderabad city. These stations have been designed to offer better convenience for commuters.

The stations are designed aesthetically and have been built at strategic locations and junctions of each locality along the corridors. These are commuter-friendly and built to carry higher capacities of commuters in the long term, involving lakhs of passengers per peak hour in a peak direction.

Coming up on roads as elevated stations, the stations of Hyderabad Metro rail has many features such as elevators, escalators, staircases in different directions, modern audio communication system, passenger amenities such as ATM’s, rest rooms, automated ticket vending machines and several other user-friendly features. Pedestrians in Hyderabad can also use the elevators and escalators on either side of the road to cross over to the other side via metro stations. In a first-of-its-kind initiative, Hyderabad Metro rail is enabling access to pedestrians in the city to use its infrastructure to cross the roads.

Moreover, these stations are also home to many retail spaces which offer a hassle-free shopping experience as well. The stations are secured round-the-clock with CCTV cameras and other modern electronic gadgets and physical security. The planning of these stations to give a better commuting experience and connectivity is a remarkable attribute that is making all the difference for a relaxing journey and an experience to cherish every day for the users. The stations are also boosting the property rates in the vicinity and therefore, the metro stations are creating a positive impact.