A Great Experience of Travel, with Metro Coaches!

There are metro rail projects that have been rolled out all over the world as innovative and efficient public transportation systems. Now, the denizens of Hyderabad are exploring a world-class travel experience with Hyderabad Metro Rail.

One of the major features of Hyderabad Metro are the ultra-modern coaches, also called as rolling stock. There are many specifications that have gone into making these sleek yet sturdy coaches of Hyderabad Metro rail.

  1. The standard gauge rolling stock comprises of light-weight stainless steel/Aluminum bodied three‐car formations, which has a trailer car between the two motored driving cars.
  2. The Internal wide gangways offer ease of passenger movement and also helps in load distribution.
  3. The trains are air‐conditioned with designated spaces for differently-abled persons, women and the elderly.
  4. The LCD screens are route map indicators, which are placed near the doors while there are LCD TVs placed at suitable locations inside the metro for infotainment.
  5. There is more emphasis on the safety of commuters and therefore, there are foolproof safety features with on‐board fire & smoke detection equipment.
  6. The trains feature CCTV cameras both inside and outside the cars, along with mobile and laptop charging sockets, features for better humidity control and modern microprocessor‐controlled brakes followed by secondary air‐suspension feature for better travel comfort.
  7. The coaches of Hyderabad Metro are capable of maintaining an average speed of nearly 33 km per hour while the maximum operating speed is 80 km/h.
  8. The trains make use of regenerative electric braking which converts this momentum into electrical energy and feeds back to the power supply system during the process of braking.
  9. The maximum capacity for a three-car train is nearly 965 including the feature of longitudinal seating, which gives a high proportion of the floor area for standing passengers.

The salient features add to the comfort as well as safety of the commuter, while aesthetics combined with comfort and safety offers a win-win scenario for commuters and also metro rail. Hyundai Rotem of South Korea was selected to manufacture these coaches, based on latest technology, price and also lower costs for maintenance, service and also availability of spares. The main endeavor of Metro is to offer future improvement scope for the existing Metro rail coaches.

With Hyderabad Metro becoming operational, the coaches are transporting lakhs of commuters everyday and the modern metro coaches are the face of Hyderabad Metro, crisscrossing the city’s major corridors, giving a new dimension to public transportation system in the city of Hyderabad.