At the Forefront of Hyderabad’s Growth Story

Hyderabad Metro Rail, envisaged as an ideal transport solution for Hyderabad city heralds a true revolution in terms of public transportation system. Spanning 66 km across three busy corridors, this project is redefining the manner in which a project of mass scale is executed for the benefit of everyone concerned.

The project is creating the right platform for Hyderabad’s future development, in the years and decades to come. Here’s a rapid transit system that is not only eco-friendly but also improves productivity, air quality and lifestyle making Hyderabad Metro an amalgamation of all the best attributes that a global city can expect.

Connecting various residential, commercial, educational and services sector hubs, with Metro rail, one can also access key railways stations and bus terminals of Hyderabad city as well as MMTS station in various localities.

The multi modal connectivity of Hyderabad Metro Rail is unparalleled which makes your journey hassle-free and a worthwhile experience. The stations of Metro rail are home to many retail stores, where you can complete your shopping. The stations are coming up with a range of commuter friendly amenities that can make your travel a delightful experience.
With Metro, commuters are able to save considerable time and travel costs. With Metro project coming up, several areas in the city have seen a spurt in terms of property costs, a positive development that boosts the value of residential and commercial properties across the three corridors. Expected to carry lakhs of passengers every day in the years to come by, it is not an exaggeration to say that Hyderabad Metro is all set to revolutionize the development of Hyderabad.