Women’s Safety, Always Our Priority

Hyderabad Metro Rail, a milestone for modern Hyderabad is changing the face of public transportation system in Hyderabad city. It can be rightly said that the ongoing RTC strike has a limited impact in the city with many commuters switching to metro, realizing the utility of this ultra-modern transport system.

The metro rail caters to all age groups, and all sections, with facilities for specially challenged and visually impaired, endearing itself to commuters in the city. At the same time, women’s safety is always a top priority for Hyderabad Metro.

In our endeavor to create a world-class rapid transit system we have also taken measures for the safe travel of women. In this regard, we update our security policies and other related manuals from time to time based on the feedback and any immediate needs, so that we provide a secure experience for women while riding Hyderabad Metro.

We continue to implement innovative strategies at all times. The provision of exclusive women-only coaches, in Hyderabad Metro, is our commitment towards highest safety standards for women. Strict action is being taken against any unauthorized entry by anyone else into the coaches, which has given a sense of assurance for women who travel with us.

Moreover, there are seats earmarked specially for women in other metro coaches too. In case where anyone else (men or others) occupy ladies-only seats in Hyderabad metro rail or in the instance of any unauthorized entry into women-only coaches, we also have a reporting mechanism, with authorities swinging into action immediately. They can quickly report using WhatsApp to inform the station controller of the approaching station.

Hyderabad Metro accords highest priority for the secure travel of women. Therefore, for the safety and security of women commuters, metro authorities have provided a WhatsApp number, for reporting. Round-the-clock CCTV surveillance of metro stations premises, is an assurance of safety from Metro Rail, for its valued commuters.

Metro rail authorities also maintain a constant vigil with CCTV surveillance in stations and coaches. During any emergency while on metro rail, women commuters can quickly seek help by pressing the ‘Call’ button, placed in all metro coaches. Moreover, the escalators and elevators provided in metro stations, offers a pleasant experience to women. The retail stores which are being launched, the availability of free newspapers, the cafeterias being opened in stations and the ATM’s etc., are all a step in the right direction that add extra convenience to women, delivering an overall positive experience.